Who are Canada’s Influential Hospitality Startups Revolutionizing the Industry Today?

Canada, known for its dynamism, innovation and incredible start-up ecosystem, has many exciting hospitality start-ups continually pushing the boundaries, offering innovative solutions and redefining what we understand by hospitality. From using technology to improve customer interaction and rental experiences to virtual reality that allows patients to experience the world despite their medical conditions, here are fifteen hospitality startups from Canada that are worth keeping an eye on.

Boundless Life

Boundless Life has established itself in the education, hospitality, and leisure industries under the leadership of Elina Zois, Marcos Carvalho, Mauro Repacci, and Rekha Magon. This promising startup empowers families to live, learn, work, and experience beautiful destinations around the world.


Chris Gilpin, Matthew Mihok, and Merrick Read launched OrderUp to enhance the dining experience. The hospitality and software startup allows diners to order and pay for their meals directly from their mobile browser.


HUEX Labs, founded by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa, is a startup operating across multiple fields. This digital assistant builder uses voice recognition to assist businesses in managing customer conversations in live industry environments.

Point Grey Technologies Inc.

Point Grey Technologies Inc., spearheaded by Clarissa Gunawan, uses the power of technology to improve the rental experiences for landlords and tenants.


Founded by David Parker, Wishplay relies on virtual reality technology to offer novel experiences to patients, allowing them to step beyond illness and explore the world.

Bonsai Hospitality Management

Bonsai Hospitality Management, led by Daniel Iliescu and Michael Ng, focuses on the guest experience and standardized comforts within the short-term rental market.


App8, founded by Elias Hage and Hani Jabbour, empowers food service brands by providing integrated digital ordering solutions to unlock their full potential.


Sinistar, launched by Alexis Vertefeuille, stands as an online marketplace that focuses on posting, finding and renting temporary disaster housing.


BoatLink operates as a web and mobile peer-to-peer marketplace, linking boat renters with boat owners and yacht charter companies.


WeChalet, founded by Dany Papineau, is an online platform enabling travellers to find & book vacation rentals in nature offered by peers.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is an organization focused on delivering high quality and timely health care for the entire province of Saskatchewan.

Kayan Health

Kayan Health, founded by Ahmad Al-Hidiq, is a Saas Platform that provides users with access to medical advice when necessary.

The Public Food Hub Co.

The Public Food Hub Co., led by Ken Bautista and Kirsta Franke, unites food lovers and makers through kitchens, markets, and community.


Travelomonk is an online travel agency providing flight comparison services to book cheap flights.


Under the leadership of Danny Eng and Tim Pham, LUQL is where locals create and guide experiences for adventure seekers, enthusiasts, and travellers.

In conclusion, the hospitality industry in Canada is vibrant and full of innovative and promising startups. These startups, with their unique approaches, are not only changing the face of Canadian hospitality but also shaping the global industry. Their innovative spirit is a testimony to Canada’s dynamic startup landscape.

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