Which Canadian Retail Tech Startups Are Globally Influencing the Industry?

Retail Technology Startups Revolutionizing the Canadian Market.

Today’s digital age is seeing a rapid growth in retail technology and Canada is no exception. With the consumer landscape becoming increasingly digital, various retail technology startups are emerging in Canada, offering innovative solutions to meet the challenging demands of cutting-edge retail. This article showcases 15 of the most interesting Canadian retail technology startups shaping the future of retail.

NowVertical Group

NowVertical Group is a leading Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company. It combines industry-specific technology and expertise, providing services in analytics, automotive, big data, business development, data integration, the government sector, information technology, retail technology, and custom software. NowVertical Group was founded by Daren Trousdell.


QuoteMachine is a cloud software designed to assist local retailers in turning every in-store conversation into an online sale. The amalgamation of e-commerce, retail technology, SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software make QuoteMachine a disruptive force. Founders JD Rocheteau and Jonathan Muschalle are the creative minds behind this fascinating venture.

Stage Meta

Embracing the future, Stage Meta aims to shape the Metaverse with Teleport Plaque Addresses on blockchains. Stage Meta is an amalgamation of e-commerce platforms, IT, and retail technology. The firm was founded by Azam Mohabatian, Azam Mohabbatian, and Vito Ak.


Montreal-based Leav is focused on developing a store automation platform for the future of retail. Offering mobile payments, retail technology, and software solutions, Leav aims to change the way we shop. Founders Charles-Étienne Simard, Evgeny Grachev, and Olivier Roy are set to revolutionize the retail experience.


Relocalize builds micro-factories for food, aiming to engage and innovate in the consumer goods, food delivery, food processing, hardware, industrial automation, manufacturing, retail technology, and robotics sectors. This venture was brought to life by founders Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre.

ari Technologies

Specializing in analytics, e-commerce, fashion, and retail technology, ari Technologies has designed a platform to grow e-commerce businesses through brand loyalty. Founded by Sheenah Rogers-Pfeiffer, the platform is hosted on ari.life.

TAKU Retail

TAKU Retail is an all-in-one commerce platform known for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness for established or growing retailers. It services computer, e-commerce, POS, retail technology and software sectors. Pioneers Amin Tizdastazar, Don Kang, and Karen Wong founded TAKU Retail.


With a focus on accelerating development and investment in downtowns, one million sq. ft. at a time, 1M is an innovative startup founded by Angus Gastle, Ken Bautista, and Tim Hengel.

Inner Spirit Holdings

Inner Spirit Holdings has built a reputation for creating brands with substance. Deploying innovation in marketing, retail, and retail technology sectors, this company was founded by Darren Bondar.


Noibu’s software platform detects critical errors on eCommerce websites to enhance user experience and prevent loss of revenue. Founders Dan Cardamore, Filip Slatinac, and Kailin Noivo spearhead the significant retail tech startup Noibu.


Expancio offers a harmonized retail and franchise eCommerce SaaS platform designed to boost sales by engaging local and online shoppers. Founded by Peter Zheng, Expancio is making waves in the e-commerce, franchise, and retail technology arena.


Korsall.com is an e-commerce technology platform connecting fashion designers with consumers around the globe. It’s headed by founder Dikshant Batra and can be found at Korsall.com.

QUEST Corp Solutions

Seeking to revolutionize the retail space for vaping products, QUEST Corp Solutions offers innovative retail solutions for the consumer goods sector. Founders Adam T Rizwani and Mikael Sayani continue to challenge and disrupt standard retail norms.

Erdos Ventures

Applying innovative technology to evaluate, acquire and operate a portfolio of niche e-commerce brands, Erdos Ventures is a unique presence in the retail technology scene.

Pronti AI

With a focus on personalization, Pronti AI seeks to help millions of apparel brands individualize for billions of people through their closet. By merging consumer software and machine learning, founders Andrea Veintimilla and Mila Banerjee are transforming the retail industry with Pronti AI.

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