Which Industrial Startups Are Revolutionizing Alberta’s Economy in 2023?

CanadaVision.news always brings the most exciting emerging startups to your table, and today we delve into the industrial scene in Alberta. This province, known for its rich natural resources and well-established industries, is now a fertile ground for innovative startups in varied sectors, from AI and IoT to advanced manufacturing and industrial automation. Check out these 15 vibrant Industrial Startups from Alberta that are shaping the future of industries and making big strides in their respective fields.

Industrial startups are revolutionizing traditional industries such as energy, water, manufacturing, and more, by introducing advanced technologies to solve old problems. Startups in these sectors are helping to streamline processes, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly. The following startups exhibit the scope and potential that these Alberta-based ventures have to offer.

These startups pack a punch with their ambitious goals, impressive team rosters, and cutting-edge technologies. From AI-based fault detection systems to next-gen hydrogen production technologies, these startups will surely redefine the industrial landscape not just in Canada, but globally. Here are 15 Alberta Industrial Startups that deserve your attention right now.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp:

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is revolutionizing the arena of predictive maintenance with its AI & IoT technology. The startup accurately diagnoses faults in machines, leveraging its unique blend of technologies across AI, Industrial Automation, IoT, Nanotechnology, and software. The brainchild of Prashant Verma and Sunil Vedula, Nanoprecise is making predictive maintenance smarter and efficient.

Aurora Hydrogen:

Pushing the boundaries in the field of Industrial Manufacturing, Aurora Hydrogen is working on developing the future of hydrogen production technology. With its progressive approach, it aims to harness hydrogen power to its full potential.


Synauta is harnessing the power of AI in water technology, standing at the intersection of various domains including AI, CleanTech, Energy, Industrial Automation, and Water. Spearheaded by Mike Dixon, Synauta is presenting an innovative approach to water technology.

Prototype Hubs:

Creating a worldwide network of manufacturing partners is Prototype Hubs. This advanced manufacturing platform instantly connects clients to this expansive network, securing hundreds of instant quotes. Its strength lies in its founders, Hassan Haymour, Mitchell Eaton, and Tien Nhan, who have a strong grip on domains including 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Software.

Kaliber Chemicals:

Kaliber Chemicals, an initiative by Todd Stauffer, serves the petroleum, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agriculture sectors as a distributor of chemicals. With its foundation in Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas sectors, the startup is making significant strides in its industry.

Cultivated Innovation:

Turning heads in the field of Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Packaging Services, and Product Design, Cultivated Innovation is creating full-faceted packaging solutions for multiple industries. With its innovative approach, the startup is redefining packaging solutions.

Axon4D Technologies:

Offering fiberoptic sensor technology to companies worldwide, Axon4D Technologies positions itself as a technology game-changer in the Industrial, Enterprise Software, and Sensor space. Backed by Jared Fisk, the startup is pushing the boundaries of sensor technology.


Creating solutions for clients in need of advanced, precise, and automated optical navigation is Correct-AI. This startup, founded by Siamak Akhlaghi, operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, and Robotics sectors, building platform solutions for a tech-driven future.


At the heart of industrial operations software is Bluemarvel AI. In the space of Artificial Intelligence, Industrial, and Software, the startup brings AI application to the fore in the world of software and industry.

The Rubic:

The Rubic specializes in custom robotics, vision and integrated systems, consultation, and electrical and mechanical engineering services. Showcasing its expertise in Consulting, Industrial Automation, and Mechanical Engineering, The Rubic engineering services are making a difference within and beyond the industry.

Industrial Climate Solutions:

Industrial Climate Solutions, initiated by Jeff Pallister and Richard Adamson, is on a mission to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by developing and commercializing industrial process technologies. With its footing in the Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil, and Gas sectors, the startup is making a significant leap on the sustainability front.

Advanced Upstream:

Advanced Upstream is providing advanced completion equipment and testing services to oil and gas companies, riding on extensive expertise in Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil, and Gas. By fostering advanced engineering and production techniques, it is brokering new horizons in the oil and gas industry.

Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation:

Bending the norms of the Agriculture, Industrial, and Sustainability domains is Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation. The startup is thriving in providing hemp processing, processed hemp fiber, and biomaterials for industrial uses, shaping a sustainable future.

Crowd Car:

Crowd Car is making waves in the Automotive, Industrial, and Service Industry with its crowdsourced delivery platform. The startup is levering the power of the crowd to reshape the delivery landscape, making consumer services faster and more accessible.

AIP Industries:

Last but not least, AIP Industries is marking its territory in the domain of Industrial Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing, and Manufacturing. The startup provides CNC machines manufacturing, product development, and engineering services. It’s certainly an emerging name that holds promise for the future of the industry.

To conclude, these Alberta based industrial startups are making impressive strides by leveraging advanced technologies to bring innovation into their respective sectors. From AI and IoT to advanced manufacturing techniques, these startups embody the spirit of Canadian ingenuity, making Alberta a thriving hub for industrial startups. Keep an eye on these names as they continue to break new ground in their industries.

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