Which Alberta Social Media Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Digital Landscape?

Alberta has proven to be a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in Canada, with numerous startups thriving in diverse industries such as robotics, biotech, and in this case, social media. These startups offer novel and creative solutions to a wide array of challenges experienced by businesses and individuals alike in the realm of social media. These challenges include but are not limited to marketing, content creation, management, strategy, and advertisement. Here we present you 15 interesting social media startups in Alberta:

Dingus and Zazzy

Founded by Jonathan Sturgeon, Dingus and Zazzy function as a virtual marketing department, offering a suite of services that include brand marketing, consulting, content marketing, digital marketing, advertising, and web design. They focus on leveraging automation in marketing and social media management, ultimately striving to become your new favourite marketing department.

Dot Dating App

Founded by Parthesh Patel, the Dot Dating App makes use of geographical locations and mutual interests to match profiles, offering a fun and engaging platform to find a dating partner. As a mobile app, it embraces a variety of fields including apps, dating, internet, location-based services, mobile, mobile apps, and social media.


Embold makes influencer marketing simple and efficient. As an advertising platform, Embold aims to integrate marketing automation in its service to streamline the marketing process. Embold engages in fields such as advertising, internet, marketing, and social media.


Pronto, founded by Claudiu Bella, aims to streamline product photography for eCommerce brands as a virtual studio. With its focus on digital marketing, eCommerce, photo editing, photography, and social media, Pronto uses visuals to tell your brand’s story.


Founded by Mike Payne, Arcade is a digital agency that offers services in strategy, content production, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising. Arcade combines creative thinking and digital insight to help businesses compete in the digital arena.


Marketify provides performance marketing, ppc, marketing strategy, SEO (search engine optimization), and social media marketing services. They offer tailored solutions aiming to increase brand visibility and customer engagement through integrated advertising and digital marketing strategies.

Display Digital Marketing

Founded by Sheldon Semmler, Display Digital Marketing provides advertising services, passionately working to improve your brand’s digital presence. Catering to clients’ unique needs, they implement strategies tailored to each brand, ensuring the achievement of desired outcomes in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, SEO, social media, web design, and web development.

Maven Media Group

Maven Media Group is a fully integrated marketing team focused on creating and publishing digital content. With a finger on the pulse of the current marketing landscape, Maven Media Group presents solutions that facilitate brand growth across various digital platforms.


Founded by Dario Joseph Verrelli and Jonathan Stiansen, Socialveil offers a visual-centric SaaS platform for managing and scheduling your social media. Focused on smart design, efficiency, and education, they offer invaluable tools and advice for businesses seeking to amplify their social media presence.

Parilon Digital

Parilon Digital is a digital marketing agency that concentrates on search engine marketing, social media advertising, and related web services. Integrated into each of their strategies are innovative techniques to increase organic traffic and foster brand awareness through social media channels.


Basar Optimization offers marketing automation and content marketing services. Specialized in devising marketing strategies, they aid businesses in better aligning their marketing initiatives with business objectives, thus optimising their digital presence.

Vision Management

Vision Management offers social media management and analytics services. With a clear understanding of the power of data, they offer solutions that help businesses measure their social media performance more accurately and derive insights to drive successful strategies.

Swiftly Labs

Swiftly Labs is focused on providing Ethical Digital Reputation Management Systems, SEO and Content Marketing. They fuse technology, creativity, and strategic thinking to tailor digital reputation management solutions aimed at protecting and enhancing your brand’s online image.

Unleashing Influence

Unleashing Influence is a social media company for credible professionals. They offer bespoke advertising and digital media solutions that ensure businesses and individuals effectively leverage the power of social media for brand awareness and growth.

Fanastar Inc.

Fanastar Inc. offers a social media application that aims to generate a fan base for its users. Their services are designed to help individuals and businesses maximize their social media presence and engagement, enhancing their marketing efforts.

The social media startup scenery in Alberta is brimming with creativity and innovation. These startups, with their unique offerings, have been making a significant impact in the province and beyond. They strive to shape the future of social media through their innovative digital solutions aimed at solving various problems companies face in the current digital age.

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