Which Influential British Columbia Startups Are Revolutionizing Delivery Services?

Canada continues to be a buzzing hub of technological innovation, particularly in the delivery startup sector. British Columbia, with its vibrant tech ecosystem, hosts a variety of startups that are reinventing the delivery industry. From groceries to meals, laundry and e-commerce, these startups are making life simpler, efficient, and hassle-free for Canadians. Here are 15 inspiring delivery startups based in British Columbia that are transforming the provincial competitive landscape with their innovation.


Founded by Kevin Wang and Peter Lu, UniUni is a pioneering platform in the eCommerce last-mile delivery solutions. The platform’s unique crowdsourcing method has transformed delivery services, making a mark in the ‘Delivery’, ‘Delivery Service’, and ‘E-Commerce’ industries.


Tiggy, founded by Eugene Bisovka, Oskar Hartmann, and Razmik Sukyasov, is on a mission to revolutionize the way consumers buy everyday essentials through their 15-minute grocery delivery service, currently operational in Vancouver. Tiggy operates in the ‘Delivery’, ‘Delivery Service’, E-Commerce’, ‘Food Delivery’, ‘Grocery’, and ‘Same Day Delivery’ industries.


Fed is a food-as-medicine startup co-founded by Elin Tayyar and Saba Marzara. Their designed, prepared, and delivery service of nutritionally-focused meals directly to your door caters to the ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Food Delivery’, ‘Health Care’, ‘Nutrition’, and ‘Wellness’ sectors.

Vegano Foods

Vegano Foods, founded by Conor Power and Kaylee Astle, is a plant-based meal kit delivery service sourcing high-quality ingredients from local farmers and producers. They service the ‘Delivery Service’, ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Food and Beverage’, and ‘Organic Food’ industries.


DishPal, founded by Ekam Panesar, brings local restaurant cuisine to busy eaters who love delicious food through local food couriers. The company operates in the ‘Delivery’, ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Food Delivery’, and ‘Logistics’ sectors.

Oco Meals

Oco Meals, founded by Kenton Jarvie, offers ready-to-eat meals delivered to your doorstep weekly. They are a key player in the ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Food Delivery’, and ‘Restaurants’ sectors.


Kourier, founded by Tony Tran, is a delivery platform that connects businesses to a network of local drivers. Kourier operates in the ‘Courier Service’, ‘Delivery’, ‘E-Commerce’, and ‘Logistics’ sectors.

Canuck Eats

Canuck Eats, founded by William Tsui, is a food delivery service company that also offers franchise opportunities. They operate in the ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Food Delivery’, ‘Franchise’, and ‘Marketing’ sectors.

Rocka Foods International Inc.

Rocka Foods International Inc., founded by Yutaro Oka, provides nutritious commercial meal kits to schools and other canteens in Africa, starting in Ghana. They fall within the ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Food Delivery’, and ‘Nutrition’ industries.


TapIn, founded by Anson Ni, provides a digital platform and solutions for delivery, payment, and retail for B2B, B2C, and local businesses. TapIn operates in the ‘B2B’, ‘B2C’, ‘Delivery’, ‘Mobile Apps’, ‘Mobile Payments’, and ‘Retail’ industries.


Foodmylife, co-founded by Brian Luk, Jitin Tuli, and Tushar Vaid, delivers nutritious food for your body & mind. They operate in the ‘Consulting’, ‘Delivery Service’, ‘Food Delivery’, ‘Health Care’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Nutrition’, ‘Organic Food’, ‘Personal Health’, and ‘Wellness’ sectors.


WeDoLaundry, founded by Abhishek Arora and Mini Bhalla, provides On Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service. They operate in the ‘Delivery’, ‘Laundry and Dry-cleaning’, and ‘Retail’ industries.

Planted Meals

Planted Meals provides affordable and convenient ready-to-eat vegan meals to the greater Vancouver area in BC, meeting needs in the ‘E-Commerce’, ‘Food and Beverage’, ‘Food Delivery’, ‘Food Processing’, and ‘Retail’ industries.


PigeonBox is a convenient package delivery service for online shoppers, playing a role in the ‘Delivery’, ‘E-Commerce’, and ‘Internet’ industries.

Yogi’s Kitchen

Yogi’s Kitchen founded by Yogi Chawla, provides a tech-powered fresh cooked meal delivery service. Yogi’s Kitchen services the ‘Food and Beverage’, and ‘Food Delivery’ sectors.

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