Which BC Media Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Entertainment Scene in 2023?

British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada, is a hub of innovation with an impressive repertoire of startups across various sectors. One of the most thriving sectors in the province is the Media and Entertainment industry, where startups are leveraging technology’s potential to revolutionize how we create, share, and consume entertainment content. In this article, we will take a look at several innovative startups in British Columbia that are making significant strides in the media and entertainment industry.

These startups range from gaming and virtual reality to film production, and even the emerging fields of web3, NFTs, and augmented reality. Their innovations are pushing the boundaries of traditional entertainment, offering immersive and interactive experiences that are transforming the sector. With an emphasis on creativity, cutting-edge technologies, and a keen understanding of the evolving consumer demand, these startups are not only making waves in Canada, but also on the global stage.

Whether it is creating platforms that enhance the joy of internet culture, or developing softwares that use machine learning for generating curated content- these startups are at the forefront of redefining the future of the media and entertainment industry. Here is a closer look at 15 interesting media and entertainment startups in British Columbia:


Doodles is a web3 NFT, media, and entertainment brand that operates within the blockchain industry. Though their founders remain anonymous, they have made waves with their innovative approach to digital art and entertainment.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

Co-founded by Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein, X1 Esports and Entertainment is a gaming and media portfolio company focusing on the video game and content creator industries. They are an exciting addition to the gaming and information technology sectors.

Trickfilm Entertainment

A brainchild of Jeremy McCarron, Trickfilm Entertainment seeks to revolutionize the animation industry by providing a platform for the distribution and monetization of independent animation.

Britcan Media Limited

Founded by John Curtis, Rob Straight, and Susannah Darcy, Britcan Media Limited is a film and television production company making significant strides in the film production and media sectors.


Youtooz, co-founded by Austin Long, turns the joy of internet culture into amazing products that people love. Operating in the media, entertainment, and toys industries, this startup is well-loved by its target audience.


Founded by Justin Jin, 50mMidas is a cross-platform digital media company operating in the fields of content, content creators, media and entertainment, social media advertising, and video.


Co-founded by Matt Dubois, VOICEOVERS.com is a hybrid voiceover marketplace for a voice first world, bridging the e-commerce, IT, internet, marketplace, and entertainment sectors.

QN Technologies

QN Technologies‘ flagship product, QuickNews, is a machine learning-powered news aggregator that delivers news items in real time. They operate within the realms of internet, machine learning, media, entertainment, and software industries.

Refined Republic

Refined Republic, founded by Paul Hernandez, is a social media marketing and PR agency that aids public figures, artists, influencers, brands and entrepreneurs in achieving their communication goals.

Kre.is Immersive Spaces

Kre.is Immersive Spaces creates scalable solutions for XR content distributors and creators in the entertainment sector, thus bringing ingenuity to film distribution, media, entertainment and virtual reality industries.


The brilliant minds of Ehsan Esmaeili and his team are behind ZYMA, a startup that aims to entertain global audiences through cutting-edge technology in autonomous vehicles, media and entertainment, software, and sports industries.

Publish Vibe

Publish Vibe, co-founded by mmm kd, is an ultimate solution for Youtubers mainly focused on Middle Eastern audiences, dealing primarily with content, content marketing, media, and the entertainment and publishing industries.


With the leadership of Franklin Elochukwu, AGE LTD is an all-rounder enterprise working in content monetization, advertising, marketing, content catalog & royalty management, and content rights management. The company boasts a proactive approach to independent music, management consulting, and music streaming industries.

Optical Illusion Museum

Optical Illusion Museum, founded by Jeff Cheung, provides art that tricks the eye into perceiving a 2D painting as 3D, incorporating augmented reality. This venture gives locals and tourists a unique experience within the realms of art, augmented reality, media, entertainment and museum industries.


Competitions.com.au is a digital platform that seeks out new and exciting competitions in the Australian marketplace, thus providing exciting content to audiences in the fields of information services, media, and entertainment.

Each of these startups embody the vibrant and diverse ecosystem of media and entertainment companies that have established roots in British Columbia. Their unique and innovative approaches to media and entertainment are helping redefine the industry landscape and it is exciting to see what the future holds for them.

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