Which Ontario Video Game Startups are Revolutionising the Industry in 2023?

Ontario, Canada is a burgeoning hot-spot for the video game industry, with many new and exciting startups gearing up to disrupt the space. From VR enterprises to eSport platforms and casual gaming studios, these companies are innovating in unique ways to captivate gaming enthusiasts. Here, we will take a closer look at 15 of these trailblazing video games startups hailing from Ontario, providing insight into their respective niche, founders, and contributions to the gaming industry.

The Ontario gaming industry’s vibrant landscape is a diverse melting pot, accommodating everything to casual puzzle games to intricate metaverse platforms. As the developers play around with the newest tech trends, be it AR/VR, Cloud-first strategies, Blockchain, or AI, they help the industry evolve and mirror the latest in the digital world. This article serves as a portal to the fascinating world of these startups that are setting the stage alight.

As you journey through the innovative world of these startups, you’ll find direct links to their websites. This will allow you to delve deeper into their offerings, symbolizing a macrocosmic overview of the dynamic and exciting world of video game startups in Ontario. Without further ado, let’s embark on this digital Odyssey.

Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive is a Canadian game development company founded by David Capurro, Dax Andrus, and Eric Lawless. Their innovation lies in the fields of Online Portals, Video Games, and Virtualization.

Dark Slope Studios

Dark Slope Studios, co-founded by Raja Khanna, is a forward-thinking VR/AR developer leaving its imprints across Animation, Digital Entertainment, IT, and more.

Extra Dimension Games

Chris Gallinaro, Chris Gander and Sean Wylie-Toal’s Extra Dimension Games specializes in casual games, focusing on creating compelling puzzle games for Android and iOS platforms.


Helmed by Arwina Mogul, Beam.gg provides an online community management software, targeting the ever-growing esports and gaming space.


mtion, founded by Jeremy Hartmann, is an innovative platform that builds a metaverse for gamers to stream from and connect with others.


Hosein Moazzen’s Metaghiti is a confluence of multiple tech trends, specializing in Metaverse, VR, AR, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, and more.

Esports Tickets

Esports Tickets, another venture by Arwina Mogul, provides an accessible platform for gaming and esports events, simplifying the ticketing process.


Jate Wittayabundit and Krittin Wittayabundit’s Ennface is a gaming startup that creates and develops intriguing games spanning different genres.


Vladimir Rigenco’s AIO leverages AI and machine learning to create a matchmaking platform for like-minded gamers.

Sinn Studio Inc.

Alek Sinn and Anas Siraj’s Sinn Studio is a VR game developer and publisher, unlocking a captivating world of virtual reality for gamers.

Apocalypse Studios

Apocalypse Studios operates in the gaming sector, focusing on cloud-first, metaverse-first multiplatform strategies, and meta player titles.

Rumble Gaming Inc.

Rumble Gaming, an Esports Marketing and Talent Agency, serves as a conduit between content creators, social media, and the video games industry.

MCV Studios

MCV Studios is invested in the sphere of game development, constantly exploring new dimensions in the field.


Sarumonin serves as an interactive platform providing the latest news for PC and Console games across various genres.

AlphaProMega Media

AlphaProMega Media, guided by Sherif Botros, is a rapidly growing Digital Marketing and Video Game development studio, branching out to explore uncharted territories in the gaming world.

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