Which Ontario Social Media Management Startups Are Shaping Digital Trends?

Understanding the importance of Social Media Management in contemporary business frameworks cannot be overstated. The proliferation of social media platforms, coupled with increasing internet penetration, has revolutionized not only personal communication but also business interaction. Businesses today understand the critical role of social media in marketing, enhancing brand visibility, customer acquisition and customer retention. Let’s venture into the world of interesting social media management startups hailing from Ontario, Canada.

These home-based startups have been raising the bar in terms of integrating business with social media platforms. Whether it’s advertising, digital marketing, digital communication or creating engaging content, these startups have been demonstrating how social media could be leveraged for business benefits. From unique blockchain technology in social media management to advanced AML activities, these startups cover every aspect of social media in business.

To gain a better understanding of these innovative startups and how they’ve been employing social media in their operations, let’s look at 15 of them based in Ontario, Canada. Be assured, they are as diverse in their approach as they are in their operations.


Metaghiti is a unique blend of augmented reality, cryptocurrency, and social media management. Founded by Hosein Moazzen, it’s intriguing how their tech-world products manage to serve unrelated industries yet achieve harmony in functioning.


Established by Damian Tran, Jennifer Arnold, and Victor Tay, MinervaAI is a deep learning platform that provides compliance as a service. Their audacious integration of IT, cryptocurrency, and social media management models presents a new dimension in financial services.

Estahad – The Classified Bhai

As a full-stack digital marketer, Estahad specializes in evaluating projects and determining optimal marketing strategies, including social media management.

My People Know

My People Know has a strong foothold in digital entertainment and DRM, besides social media marketing and management. Their content creators have been hugely influential on the internet.

Tyger Tyger Strategy + Creative

Tyger Tyger Strategy + Creative provides advertising, marketing, and content creation services, with a strong focus on brand marketing and social media management.

Speakeasy Agency

Founded by Parker Christie, Speakeasy Agency prioritizes digital marketing along with Google Ads and social media advertising and management.

Avesbury Consulting

Under the stewardship of Zariah Walker, Avesbury Consulting provides digital marketing, social media management and consulting with a focus on business development.

Limitless Social

Limitless Social is a specialized social media marketing agency that focuses on the capabilities of social media management.

Pruve Web Agency

With its unique services, Pruve Web Agency is a social media marketer that also offers graphic design and web development.


Not just another advertising agency, Xemoto specializes in influencer marketing and social media management.


DigitalSkip is a design and branding agency creating solutions for small to enterprise-grade businesses, which includes social media management.


BusiBoom offers eCommerce optimization, SEO, social marketing and advanced analytics aimed at growing your sales, alongside web and app development services.

Millennial Marketing Agency

Millennial Marketing Agency, MM Agency, is an advertising company providing full services of web design, SEO, content creation, Ads, and social media marketing.

Reach Agency

Founded by Adam Robles and Bianca Pang, Reach Agency is a vibrant startup that offers branding, content marketing, and digital marketing services.

Prestige Interactive

Prestige Interactive is a digital communications company that provides web design services for small to medium-sized enterprises, alongside advertising and social media management services.

In conclusion, the landscape of Social Media Management startups in Ontario, Canada is vibrant and filled with creativity and innovation. The startups highlighted are a testimony to how Social Media Management can transform businesses, providing them with necessary visibility and engagement in today’s digital age.

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