Which Ontario Bitcoin Startups Are Powerfully Transforming Canada’s Crypto Industry?

Bitcoin startups are thriving in Ontario, Canada, a region already known for its commitment to financial innovation. The use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is becoming more popular across the globe and Canada is at the forefront of blockchain technology. Ontario is the home of some of the most notable startups in the industry that are actively evolving the financial landscape.

These startups come from a variety of industries – from trading platforms to digital asset service platforms to cryptocurrencies. They are finding creative and innovative ways to integrate bitcoin technology into various services, changing the way we perceive digital currencies and revolutionizing the financial industry as a whole.

We have compiled a list of 15 Bitcoin startups from Ontario with intriguing services and business models. The list shall provide a comprehensive overview, shedding light on how they are incorporating this innovative technology and how they work to make digital currency more accessible, convenient, and valuable to users around the globe.


Newton.co is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly through iPhone, Android, or web apps. Founders Dustin Walper, Erynn Saunders, and Tyson Leslie have developed a platform that makes it easy for users to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, thus facilitating digital trading and democratizing access to the cryptocurrency market.


Founded by Jared Nusinoff, Mash is an online platform that aims to radically monetize the digital experience and content. Through Mash’s innovative platform, content creators can generate income more conveniently while consumers can expect a richer interactive experience.


Balance, developed by George Bordianu and Baha Nurlybayev, is a notable digital platform that provides custodial, trade, and digital asset management services. It’s a safer way to custody, trade, and manage digital assets. Learn more about their cutting-edge service here.


Satstreet, a Bitcoin platform, was created by Jonathan Lister and Michael Nasser. It provides innovative services targeted at digital asset owners in Canada and beyond.


Developed by Aristotle Andrulakis, Ben Cooper, and Brian Mahoney, Alkemi Network is a platform that incentivizes stakeholders for putting their coins to work, thus encouraging a larger number of people to engage with the Cryptocurrency market.


Storspay, developed by Adebayo Alonge, Dr. Win Min Oo, and Sabrina Zhou, is another step towards making digital currency more practical in real life. Their platform gives users the opportunity to receive and send In-Store Payments in Crypto or Fiat.


Hodlbot, founded by Anthony Xie and Calvin Leyon, is an innovative program that puts cryptocurrency investing on autopilot, simplifying the process of investing in digital currencies.


Matthew Black and Tony Cai founded Atomic.Finance, a platform focusing on bitcoin trading. They aim to provide an all-in-one platform to give users a comprehensive trading experience.


Desentra, a startup founded by Roman Vassilenko, is an online educational platform providing bite-size courses (under 15 minutes long) on cryptocurrency topics, easing the learning curve for those new to the digital currency space.

S6 Global

S6 Global is a digital asset service platform that enables users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency and contract pairs.


Stepping into the financial services space, TapSats is a Bitcoin Only NFC Payments Company, aiming provide a convenient payment method using Bitcoin.

Fabriik Markets

Providing fast, reliable and intelligent FinTech Solutions in the Digital Asset market, Fabriik Markets is committed to meeting the developing needs of cryptocurrency traders.

Piggy Capital

Piggy Capital is a registered money service business allowing individuals and companies to convert Bitcoin to reserve currency, ensuring user security and convenience.

Global X Change

Global X Change, founded by Shorupan Pirakaspathy, is a Canadian Financial Technology company that created the world’s first Exchange Operating System (ExchangeOS) with an aim to revolutionize digital asset trading.

Dial Crypto

Developed by Brianna MacNeil and Patrick Guay, Dial Crypto is a USSD-enabled cryptocurrency wallet that works on both smartphones and feature phones, making managing digital assets accessible to a wider audience.

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