Which Ontario GreenTech Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Sustainable Future?

Ontario, the most populous province in Canada, boasts not only a bustling metropolis and charming cities but also an invigorating start-up ecosystem. Home to many entrepreneurs ready to take global challenges, Ontario has served as the launching pad for many companies that have, over the past several years, had a considerable impact on their respective industries. Start-ups in the community sphere are particularly making waves in the province, coming up with unique and impactful solutions to foster connections, create engagement, and build stronger communities.

These start-ups range across various sectors, from content marketing to property management, from health care to cryptocurrencies. Their aim is to enhance the sense of community among their user base, provide platforms for interaction, and ultimately, make life a good deal better for Ontarians. Through new technological solutions and innovations, these start-ups are transforming communities and paving new ways for a more connected future.

Here we have compiled a list of 15 community start-ups, all hailing from Ontario, whose work is worth keeping an eye on for anyone passionate about the start-up ecosystem.


Start-up Bettermode is a powerful community platform that aims to increase user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. Bettermode was started by founders Mohsen Malayeri, Siavash Mahmoudian, and Soheil Alavi. They operate in the communities, content marketing, customer service, SaaS, social CRM, social network, and software industry.


Yuser is a decentralized social networking platform built for you – the yuser. The venture is led by Eunika Sot, Mitch Brogan, and Thomas Cermak and operates in the communities, cryptocurrency, social network, and software industry.


HILO is a SaaS platform that powers building operators to attract tenants, boost revenues, and streamline operations. The team, headed by David Abrams, Kirk Stephens, and Oz Solomon work towards benefiting the commercial real estate community by making enterprise software solutions, real estate development, and smart building solutions more accessible.


Communyco is a creators-only platform for their core needs. Founded by Bar Kirshon, Jeremy Aube, and Rony Rom, Communyco focuses on the community of content creators.


Naborino is a community group buying platform that connects people with each other and with group buying offers from local businesses. Dan Flatt is the name behind this venture operating in communities, e-commerce, group buying, property management, sharing economy, and the social network industry.


Vibehut is a video platform for communities, one-off calls, and rapid networking. Chris Dolinski is the brains behind Vibehut’s operations in the communities, cryptocurrency, software, and video industry.

Koble Care

Koble Care is a community that offers health, wellness, and fitness to parents. It operates in the communities, fitness, health care, and mobile apps industry.

Team Study

Team Study is a community-driven platform for post-secondary course and textbook notes. This venture, led by Aditya Chugh and Rajiv Chugh, is making strides in the communities, education, and lifestyle industry.


Bloom provides a coaching program for adults that specializes in life plans. Bloom operates in the advice, communities, and consulting industry.

Toronto Machine Learning Series (TMLS)

Toronto Machine Learning Series is a community of over 5,000 practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs, and executives focusing on advanced ML research and business cases. David Scharbach leads the company, which operates in the analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, communities, consulting, information technology, location-based services, machine learning, and software industry.


WayBase is an IT company that provides mobile apps for spiritual growth. Its operations span across the communities, information technology, and mobile apps industry.

Prospective Medical Professionals

Prospective Medical Professionals is a charity organization that empowers aspiring students to make career choices in the healthcare sector. Lucy Zhao is the founder of this venture that operates in the charity, communities, health care, medical, and non-profit sector.

2Byte Labs

2Byte Labs specializes in leading global blockchain and cryptocurrency research and strategic consulting, having its foundation in the blockchain, communities, consulting, and cryptocurrency industry.

The Canadian Association for Global Health

The Canadian Association for Global Health connects, engages, strengthens, and mobilizes the health community through collaborative research, learning, and advocacy. It operates in the communities, health care, and non-profit sector.


Lumenus offers mental health services, developmental, autism, and early years intervention services to adults and children. Its operations are centered around the communities, health care, non-profit, and social sectors.

These trailblazing start-ups have not only pushed the boundaries of innovation but have also strived to bring communities together, demonstrating the extraordinary power of collective effort and innovation. Each of these ventures encapsulates the spirit of unity and cohesive development that the start-up ecosystem in Ontario embodies. Take a closer look at these ventures and join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation and community in Ontario.

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