Who Are Ontario’s Most Influential Game-changers in Mining Startups?

With mining companies generating plenty of activity, the annual mining industry’s surge keeps pumping yearly into the economy. The mining sector in Ontario, Canada, is a major player globally with its gold, base metals, diamonds, and platinum group metals. There’s also a renewed interest in startups in this sector, and here, we will explore 15 Mining startups in Ontario.

These startups are not only focusing on extracting natural resources but are also working in line with global green initiatives, ensuring environmentally friendly ways for mining. They apply advanced technologies and innovative ideas for exploration, drilling, and development of mining projects ranging from uranium, gold, copper to nickel and more.

Let’s dive in to discover what these startups are about, exploring the details of their operations, industry focus, and more.


BluWave-ai is a Software as a service (SaaS) based tech startup founded by Devashish Paul. Its main focus lies in creating an optimization platform for grid energy to aid in making more sustainable, reliable, & affordable energy decisions. The industries it covers include Electrical Distribution, Energy, Fleet Management, Machine Learning, Mining, Renewable Energy, SaaS, Software, Solar, and Wind Energy.

Canada Nickel Company

Canada Nickel Company specializes in nickel, operating majorly in low-risk mining jurisdictions. They have expertise in anything to do with nickel, providing a massive contribution to Mineral and Mining industry.

Arizona Sonoran Copper Company

Arizona Sonoran Copper Company focuses on mining and developing copper. They contribute significantly to the Mineral, Mining, Mining Technology, and Precious Metals industry.

Paycore Minerals

Paycore Minerals is a junior exploration company holding a 100% interest of the FAD Project located on the Eureka-Battle-Mountain. They make a significant impact in the Mining industry.

Canadian Space Mining Corporation

Canadian Space Mining Corporation is a unique startup creating the infrastructure to support life in space. Founded by Daniel Sax, the company is playing a part in the Aerospace industry, GreenTech, Mining, Mining Technology, Natural Resources, and Space Travel industry.

Generation Mining

Generation Mining, founded by Kerry Knoll, is a mineral development company aiming at zinc and molybdenum projects in Canada. They have been contributing to the Mineral, Mining, and Mining Technology industry.

Magna Gold

Magna Gold is an exploration company, focusing on acquiring, exploring, and developing quality properties in the Mineral, Mining, and Renewable Energy industry.

Bald Eagle Gold

Bald Eagle Gold places its efforts on asset exploration and development in known gold districts in the Americas. The company deals mainly with Mineral, Mining, and Precious Metals industries.

Baselode Energy

Baselode Energy is a mining exploration company searching for uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin. The industries they cater to are Mineral, Mining, and Precious Metals.

Doré Copper Mining

Doré Copper Mining, founded by Ewan Downie, is widely known for the development of high-grade copper-gold brownfield projects. They contribute vastly to the Industrial, Mining, and Natural Resources industries.

Millennial Precious Metals

Millennial Precious Metals is a metal exploration company. Founded by Jason Kosec, the company is dedicated to exploration roll-up gold vehicle projects and predominantly works in the Mineral, Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals industries.

EnviroGold Global

EnviroGold Global is a clean technology company that focuses on environmental stewardship and sustainability while doing its mining, Mining Technology, and Precious Metals industry work.

North Peak Resources

North Peak Resources is an exploration and development company focused on gold. Their work adds value to the Mining and Precious Metals industry.


Fortai is an advanced tech and product manufacturing company that significantly impacts the Manufacturing, Mining, and Mining Technology sectors.


E2Gold is a junior exploration company committed to unlocking gold potential and growth through management and technical expertise. The company significantly contributes to the Mineral, Mining, and Precious Metals industries.

To conclude, these startups not only contribute to the economy but are also pioneering eco-friendly efforts and working on space resource utilization – a new frontier in mining. These startups, with their innovative approach and technological applications, are changing the traditional way of mining and paving the way to the future.

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