Who are Ontario’s Most Influential Property Management Startups in 2023?

Ontario, Canada houses an innovative landscape having a horde of awe-inspiring startups in various domains. The Property Management sector is no exception. Here, we highlight and examine some of the intriguing early-stage companies in the Property Management landscape of Ontario. These burgeoning startups are making pioneering strides that are revolutionizing the industry.

Let’s delve into a comprehensive list of Ontario’s high-potential Property Management startups. We will explore their business aspects, industry orientation, and their founding teams. We will expatiate on the industry’s most dynamic and disruptive ventures, poised to make a significant difference in the real estate landscape.

Each startup, while distinct, shares a common goal: to democratize and modernize Property Management by leveraging digital tools, Artificial Intelligence, Software as a Service, Financial Technology, and many more. By tapping into these enhancements, they deliver a transformative and efficient outlook on the way property management is handled.

Enso Connect

Enso Connect is an emerging player in the Property Management, Software, Travel, and Vacation Rental domain. Their business revolves around a guest experience platform designed for the short-term rental industry. By integrating smart home devices and AI communication, they offer optimized results. The brainchild of founders Francois Gouelo and Peter Sorbo, this startup takes a 21st-century approach to property management.

Alate Partners

With founding figures like John Albright, Alate Partners works at the intersection of Home Services, Property Development, Property Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment. They are passionate about empowering technology entrepreneurs who wish to redefine real estate.


The founders of STAN A.I., Bogdan Raic and Maximilian Gajdel, have managed to put together a solution that combines the prowess of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, Property Management, Real Estate, and Software. Their product, STAN A.I., is geared towards condominiums and homeowner associations (HOAs), serving as the first A.I. property management assistant.


A solution built by Andrews Moses and Vijayasekar Durairaju, Tenantcube focuses on simplifying property listing, applicant tracking, tenant screening, online rent payments, work-order, and lease management services. This Property Management, Rental Property, SaaS, and Software oriented solution sets a high bar in the industry.


Offering an impressive Property Rent Collection service, RentBook operates in Apps, Mobile, Payments, Property Management, and Real Estate. The brainchild of Christopher Lam, this startup is disrupting the property management landscape with inventive solutions.


With Dan Flatt at the helm, Naborino has created a community group buying (CBG) platform that fosters connections between people and group buying offers from local businesses. They aim at improving Communities, E-Commerce, Group Buying, Property Management, Sharing Economy, and Social Network services.


Initiated by Braedon Hebert and Erik Levinson, CondoWorks aims to revolutionize FinTech and Property Management sector. Their accounts payable (AP) automation platform built for property management companies is an illustration of this goal.


Clearspace, under the leadership of Mark Goh, provides a real estate service focusing on interior design along with cost-effective offices and workplaces. They integrate Coworking, Property Management, Real Estate, and Rental services to offer optimized solutions.


Founded by Alex Ren, Bruce Xia, and Frank Jing, GoParkr is innovating the parking management with a full-stack solution. Letting asset managers optimize parking operations, they span across several industries, including Analytics, B2B, Commercial Real Estate, Mobile, Parking, Payments, Property Management, SaaS.


The team at Knotify, composed of Andre Hosein, Heshan Modaragamage, and Mohit Kishore, have come up with a solution encompassing several sectors like Communications Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Mobile, Property Management, Robotics, SaaS, Software. They represent the Saas, Enterprise domain with their innovative ideas.

Square Yards

Founded by Tanuj Shori, Square Yards is a technology-enabled transaction and aggregator platform involving real estate and mortgages. Covering Construction, Information Technology, Property Management, and Real Estate, they are a force to reckon with in the industry.

Portsmouth Residential

Portsmouth Residential is a real estate asset management firm working in the Asset Management, Property Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment sector. This startup sets a unique trend in property management and investment.

Max Condo Club

The vision of Max Condo Club, established in 2018, is to simplify the condo manager’s workday. At the intersection of Information Technology, Property Management, and Software, they are making waves in the condo management sector.


Homeprint introduces a digital wallet and dashboard to help manage and maintain property. This novel approach from the founders Jamie Blades and Jody Lavoie marks a significant embodiment of Home Improvement, Information Technology, Property Management, Real Estate, and Software sectors.

Keeper Real Estate

With its innovative solutions, Keeper Real Estate is a property management company that provides property buying and selling services. This startup is making a significant contribution to Lending, Property Management, and Real Estate.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the Ontario property management startup scene is vibrant, diverse, with a multitude of innovative solutions aimed at improving the industry. Each startup brings its unique ideas to the table, integrating modern technology in property management that is set to change the industry as we know it.

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