Which Ontario Retail Tech Startups are Shaping Canada’s Shopping Future?

Ontario’s tech scene is alive and buzzing with innovations that are revolutionizing the retail industry. From artificial intelligence to e-commerce, Ontario-based startups are making waves in the Retail Tech industry. Here we take a look at fifteen interesting retail tech startups, their unique offerings, and how they aim to shape the future retail sector in Ontario, Canada, and beyond.

The retail technology industry is advancing rapidly, offering retailers the ease of operations, accurate data analytics, personalized customer experiences, enhanced e-commerce platforms, among others. Startups from Ontario are at the forefront of these digital transformations, providing tech solutions that cater to a variety of retail needs.

Without a doubt, these startups are not only transforming the retail industry with their innovative solutions but are also demonstrating why Ontario is the hub for retail tech innovation. Here is a closer look at each of these startups:

NowVertical Group

Providing clever industry-specific software and services, NowVertical Group specializes in Vertical Intelligence (VI). Founders Daren Trousdell have built this company with extensive focus on analytics, big data, and retail technology.

Stage Meta

With its avant-garde approach to e-commerce platforms and retail technology, Stage Meta is all set to shape the metaverse future through its unique Teleport Plaque Addresses on blockchains. Founders Azam Mohabatian and Vito Ak have truly deconstructed the boundaries of technology and commerce.


Addressing the vital element of food processing and delivery, Relocalize builds micro-factories for food. Founders Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre have propelled the industries of consumer goods, retail technology, and robotics with their innovative solutions.

TAKU Retail

As the most flexible and cost-effective all-in-one commerce platform for well-established or growing retailers, TAKU Retail is an innovation crafted by founders Amin Tizdastazar, Don Kang, and Karen Wong. The startup employs its expertise in computer, e-commerce, point of sale, and retail technology.


Playing a significant role in enhancing customers’ online shopping experience, Noibu has developed a software platform that detects critical errors on e-commerce websites and prevents lost revenue. This ingenious idea is brought to life by founders Dan Cardamore, Filip Slatinac, and Kailin Noivo.


Utilizing a harmonized retail and eCommerce SaaS platform, Expancio helps businesses engage with local and online shoppers to boost sales. Founder Peter Zheng is positively reshaping the e-commerce and retail technology industry.


With a unique approach towards modifying the fashion industry’s e-commerce aspect, Korsall.com connects design enthusiasts and consumers globally with its proprietary e-commerce technology. Founder Dikshant Batra’s addressable market extends to fashion designers around the world.

QUEST Corp Solutions

Aiming to transform the vaping product retail space, QUEST Corp Solutions founders Adam T Rizwani and Mikael Sayani are pioneering a new retail approach for consumer goods and retail technology.

Erdos Ventures

Also aggressively changing the online retail scene, Erdos Ventures leverages technology to evaluate, acquire, and operate a rich portfolio of high-value niche e-commerce brands.

Pronti AI

Leading the integration of artificial intelligence in the apparel industry, Pronti AI is helping millions of brands individualize for billions of people. Founders Andrea Veintimilla and Mila Banerjee’s cutting-edge technology is transforming fashion, retail, and e-commerce.


In the realm of artificial intelligence, SaaS, machine learning, and retail technology, EAIGLE has carved its place. Founders Akshaya Mishra, Amir Hoss, and Mahdi Marsousi are integrating capabilities of deep-tech and prop-tech to reform many retail facets.


With its visionary smart mini-stores, extrAbility is taking retail technology and smart city solutions to another level.


Nishe is establishing a fresh framework for distributed commerce and e-commerce. Founders Aaron Adams, Nicole Royer, and Richard D’Souza have demonstrated their commitment to fresh innovation in retail technology.

RHI Group

RHI Group is defying the common notion of retail by developing a retail marketing technology platform to help offline retailers thrive in the digital era. This unique venture is founded by Alex Moorhead and Brian Sinclair.


Addressing the elemental concern of fitting for online clothing shoppers, Passen is a digital fitting service that provides fit recommendations. Founders John Campbell and Stuart Campbell have significantly enhanced the e-commerce, fashion, and retail technology scenes.

Ontario’s retail technology startup scene is booming with innovators like these, who are reshaping the face of retail. The future of retail technology holds tremendous opportunities, and these Ontario-based companies are leading the way.

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