Who Are Ontario’s Most Influential Life Science Startups in 2023?

The life sciences industry in Ontario, Canada has experienced a surge of innovations in recent times, owing to its dynamic and enterprising environment. Life science startups combine the powers of technology and science to bring forth ground-breaking solutions for various industries like biotechnology, health care, therapeutics, digital health, and more. In this article, we aim to cast the spotlight onto 15 compelling life science startups that are making waves in Ontario, Canada.

These groundbreaking startups are taking cutting-edge steps, pushing boundaries, and introducing unique strategies to transform diverse sectors of the industry. They are working relentlessly towards creating novel solutions and enhancing efficiency with the help of their unique platforms. From psychedelic-based treatments to automated building design for contractors, these startups are pioneering unprecedented breakthroughs in their respective fields.

While discussing these startups, it is also worth mentioning their visionary founders who harness innovation and strive to bring forward creative solutions. The founders’ relentless drive and determination serve as the backbone of these startups, putting them at the forefront of the life sciences industry.

Awakn Life Sciences

Awakn Life Sciences, under the leadership of Anthony Tennyson, and Jonathan Held, is an ecosystem for psychedelic-based treatments. They pioneer innovations in the Biotechnology, Health Care & Life Science sectors. Their strategic focus and critical breakthroughs in psychedelic-based treatments are making a significant impact in the industry.


Founders Davide Panelli, and Francesco Iorio spearhead Augmenta, a life science startup that’s transforming the construction industry. By driving a new level of efficiency in building design, they are offering unparalleled support for contractors and engineers.

QurCan Therapeutics Inc.

Mohammad Ali Amini, and Shirley Wu’s QurCan Therapeutics Inc. is pioneering a new age of nanoparticles for chemo and gene therapy. They are at the forefront of innovations in the Life Science industry.


Scispot.io is a no code fully configurable digital operating platform, created by founders Guru Singh and Satya Singh for biotech and life science SMEs. This startup is revolutionizing productivity and workflow in the life sciences.


Pioneered by Amin Osmani, and Krish Perumal,
Cedience is rendering augmented regulatory intelligence for drug development teams.


Psyence, a startup known for the development of natural psilocybin products for the treatment of psychological trauma and mental health disorders, can be found at Psyence.

Pike Therapeutics

Brad Miles’ Pike Therapeutics specializes in creating safe and effective cannabinoid formulations with superior drug delivery.

Locke Bio

Founded by Cathy Tie, Locke Bio helps businesses cultivate digital health solutions.


Nina Khera’s Biotein aims to eradicate senescent cells, introducing a new perspective in biotechnology and longevity.

Diamond Therapeutics

Diamond Therapeutics, masterminded by Judith Blumstock, is an innovative psychedelic drug development company.

Paradox Immunotherapeutics

Natalie J. Galant, and Yulong Sun’s Paradox Immunotherapeutics develops treatments for patients suffering from rare amyloid diseases.


Founded by Erica D’Angelo, AFSBio distributes life science equipment and reagents.


Michael Brown’s TLT CAPITAL focuses on investing and advising disruptive companies that pay dividends to society.

InnScience Labs Inc.

Guru Pie, Leon Parsaud, and Stany Castillo’s InnScience Labs Inc. is a research and development platform that fosters collaboration.

Glow LifeTech

Glow LifeTech is a Canadian-based biotechnology company that specializes in producing nutraceutical and cannabinoid-based products.

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