Which Quebec Information Services Startups Most Influence Canada’s Tech Scene?

Quebec has for years been a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly within the realm of Information Technology and Information Services. This has seen the birth of numerous startups, all striving to create ground-breaking solutions or significantly improve existing offerings. This surge of innovation has created a plethora of intriguing startups within Quebec, each offering a unique perspective and product within the continental tech scene. The following are some standout examples which have not just managed to generate buzz locally but have also captured the attention of the global tech community.

It is worth noting that Quebec’s dedication to fostering an innovation-rich environment has gained international recognition, with foreign investors keen to harness the province’s talent and creativity. In an industry where competition is fierce and relentless, these startups have discovered a method to stand out in a crowded room – through a deep understanding of their chosen market sector, an unwavering commitment to bettering the world around us, and the creation of cutting-edge products and solutions.

In this article, we delve into each of these companies, their visions, and contributions to Information Services, as well as their future prospects. Join us in exploring these exceptional Quebec startups.


ENDVR is revolutionizing the way brands reward retail employees. This innovative platform empowers brands to provide cash rewards and prizes instantly to retail workers for driving sales, thereby creating a more motivated and productive retail environment. Founders Jaffray Hill and Steve Gendron envisioned a system that ensures recognition for every small achievement, creating a significant impact within the retail sector.


QScale is a high-performance computing center providing superior IT services with an intriguing focus on Energy Recovery. Created by Martin Bouchard and Vincent Thibault, the firm is constantly finding new and efficient ways to handle today’s computing demands in a sustainable manner.

Lotus Medical

At Lotus Medical, tech-enabled healthcare is the mission. Founders Guillaume Simard and Philippe Marcotte are paving the way for customer-centric healthcare solutions, bringing technology and medicine together to benefit the user.


Blaise, co-founded by Ben Hudson and Justin Hunt, is an AI-powered software platform that significantly improves the usability of bus services. Blaise delivers swift tech-enabled transportation solutions, enhancing efficiency and convenience for the end-user.


Eva is a revolutionary ride-share and delivery app, using blockchain technology to foster sustainable mobility. Entrepreneurs Dardan Isufi and Raphaël Gaudreault are transforming transportation, highlighting the importance of cooperative and sustainable practices in our increasingly digital economies.


At Gathe, Alexy Boyer and Simon Therrien are redefining the labor market. Their consulting services leverage tech insights to provide innovative solutions for clients, helping businesses navigate the current shifting digital landscape.


Kalepso is a cybersecurity firm tapping into the power of sensitive big data. Founders Georgios Depastas and Georgios Kellaris have developed patent-pending privacy technology enabling companies ensure their sensitive data remains secure.


HookMotion offers cutting-edge AI technology to provide real-time game tracking, fraud detection and data-oriented optimization for casinos. Founders Dominic Morin-Proulx, Matthieu Clas, and Samy Zarour have created a solution crucial to maintaining fair and honest gaming activities.


ShareAlpha, co-founded by Patrick Kuczynski, presents a new approach to stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency investing where investment analysts are rewarded only when right, ensuring a transparent and fair investment process.


Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and LiDAR technologies, Bluecity.ai is creating a smarter world. Founders Asad Lesani and Ian Boyd strive to refine city mobility, facilitating a smoother navigation across urban landscapes.


At nsemble.ai, Founder Pankaj Mehar automates the automotive visual damages and defects inspection process using artificial intelligence, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy within the sector.

CScience IA

With a core mission to provide credible AI-related social, ethical, and economic information, CScience IA delivers an insight-based platform to organizations to help them navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape.


AppExert marries technical skill and product development, providing technology companies with the expert help they need to create and build technical products.


Normex is redefining food safety and traceability with their cloud-based software solution. Their platform ensures the maintenance of high levels of safety and quality across the food industry.


On a quest to enhance mobile and web development, Eugenuises leverages both traditional and responsive app development to cater to the diverse digital needs of clients. This IT-focused startup contributes significantly to the tech scene.

Each of these startups carries forward Quebec’s reputation as a hub of innovation, bringing a unique character to the Information Technology and Information Services industry domestically and globally. Their commitment to transforming and improving the ways we live and work is a testament to the tremendous potential within Canada’s tech scene.

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