Which Quebec Video Startups are Leading Innovation in Canada’s Tech Industry?

In the entrepreneurial landscape of Quebec, a diverse group of video-based startups are creating a buzz with groundbreaking technology and innovative platforms. From the world of gaming, to online communication, and everything in between, Quebec is home to an impressive collection of startups that are quickly gaining momentum. This article will take you on a journey through 15 of these companies, each unique in its approach but united in its mission to leverage the power of video in its industry.

The evolution of the digital space, led by demand for instant, online communication and entertainment, serves as a backdrop for these startups. Whether it’s breaking barriers in communication through decentralized video conferencing, creating a platform to connect communities through live streaming or using machine learning to enhance video workflow, Quebec’s entrepreneurial community is leading by example.

Outlined below are the diverse video startups. Each provides ingenious solutions that disrupt and redefine their respective industries, setting new standards and rewriting the rules for video-oriented digital platforms.


Edgegap is an automated hosting platform focused on delivering low latency multiplayer games. Founded by Mathieu Duperre, Edgegap operates within the gaming, web hosting, and information technology industries.

Bravo Ready

Bravo Ready is a cutting-edge game studio crafting engaging digital experiences for gaming enthusiasts. Although the names of its founders are unrevealed, Bravo Ready has made a significant impact in the video games industry.

CONTXTFUL Technologies

CONTXTFUL Technologies uses cutting-edge technology to deliver attention, viewability, and business intelligence on the environment context of any digital audience. Founded by Alexandre Désilets-Benoit, Benoit Martel, and Guillaume Bouchard, CONTXTFUL revolutionizes advertising, machine learning, and video advertising sectors among others.


Crewdle is making waves in the video conferencing scene by decentralizing the process, achieving economic and environmental sustainability while preserving privacy. Pierre Campeau and Vincent Lamanna are the brains behind this innovative startup.

Heyday AI

Heyday AI, founded by David Bordeleau, Hugues Rousseau, and Steve Desjarlais, offers retailers a leading Conversational AI platform, merging technologies such as e-commerce, machine learning, and video chat.


ARINA Live, founded by Alexandra Reda, is a SaaS web-based app delivering remote training sessions to communities, and creating new revenue streams in the realms of fitness and video streaming.


Ludex, a groundbreaking startup founded by Danae Arend, Diego Parra, and Julian McCarthy empowers video game developers by enabling them to handle on-chain token transactions without the need for in-depth blockchain expertise. This innovation influences the cryptocurrency and video games industries.

Hypixel Studio

Hypixel Studio is a visionary gaming company, currently working on an open-world game concept called Hytale. Founded by Simon Collins-Laflamme, Hypixel Studio redefines the social media, gaming, and mobile apps sectors.

Sentient Immersive

Sentient Immersive is a wellness tech start-up that leverages the power of cinematic extended reality (XR) to enhance human well-being. Isabelle Rioux helms this inventive venture that sits at the crossroads of film production, video games, virtual reality, and wellness.


envision.ai, founded by René Saint-Pierre and Thomas Jelonek, yielding proprietary patented deep-tech to improve video workflow efficiency and generate new revenue from video assets in the spheres of artificial intelligence, social media, and video.


Led by Louis-Phillippe Gauthier, Collectiv.TV is on a mission to democratize free ad-supported television (FAST) thereby transforming the world of media and entertainment, and video advertising.

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber is a video game studio offering in-depth development and world-building for the computer, media and entertainment, and video game industries.


Berrycast, founded by Jonathan Léveillé, provides lightweight software that enables users to cast their screens with ease, disrupting the enterprise software, messaging, video, and video conferencing sectors.

Goose Byte

Goose Byte, a newly-formed independent game studio, crafts unique gaming experiences that influence the online games and video games industries.

Virtual Front Desk

Virtual Front Desk, the brainchild of Jeff Letendre, is an application that delivers customer service through video calls, shaping the landscape for the apps, customer service, and video sectors.

In conclusion, each startup featured is carving its path, innovating, and redefining the scope of video-enhanced digital platforms. From the backdrop of Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, these startups are positioning the Canadian province as one to watch within the global video startup scene.

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