Who are British Columbia’s Most Influential Security Startups in 2023?

British Columbia has become a hotbed for advanced digital security startups exploded in recent years, with new companies cropping up to tackle everything from privilege access management to critical infrastructure safeguarding and even cybersecurity for industrial control systems and IoT devices. Here, we introduce you to 15 of the most standout cybersecurity startups in the province, destined to make things safer in an increasingly online world.

As the digital age advances, and with it the complexities and liabilities of cybersecurity, these startups are innovating at an unprecedented rate. Helping organizations navigate the complexities of securing their digital landscapes, startups such as Quickpass, aDolus Tech, MergeBase, and Kobalt, amongst others, have become pivotal in establishing British Columbia as a cybersecurity hub.

These startups are also creating major ripples beyond Canada’s borders. Many of them have developed unique technologies that have caught the attention of global customers and international investors alike. From providing breakthrough software that mitigates security risks to sustaining the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the following are a few of these trailblazing startups that are making a difference both locally and internationally.


Quickpass is a company dedicated to providing privileged access management platform for managed service providers. Despite not having any known founders, the company is making significant strides in the computer, cybersecurity, and software sectors.

aDolus Technology Inc.

aDolus Technology Inc. has risen to fame due to its cloud platform designed to protect critical infrastructure, acting as a broker for information regarding ICS and IoT software and firmware. The company was established by Billy Rios, Eric Byres, and Jonathan Butts. It operates in the sphere of cybersecurity, industrial automation, the Internet of Things, and software.


MergeBase, founded by Julius Musseau and Oscar van der Meer, specializes in protecting the software supply chain. Operating within the cybersecurity and security sectors, MergeBase demonstrates how creative tech solutions can combat mounting cyber threats.


Kobalt, helmed by Boris Wertz, Michael Argast, and Pankaj Agarwal, is known for its positive contribution to cybersecurity. The company is important due to its unique Cyber Security programs, demonstrating innovation in the areas of cloud security, cybersecurity, enterprise, and information technology.

Waterbear Cloud

Waterbear Cloud offers a helping hand to small enterprises by building and managing web application environments on AWS. Founded by Kevin Lindsay and Kevin Teague, the company is making an impact in the areas of cloud data services, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, and cloud security.

Bluvec Technologies Inc.

Bluvec Technologies Inc. specializes in the design of wireless security products. The company, co-founded by Jack Jia, detects, localizes, controls and protects wireless devices. They are making great strides in the sectors of cybersecurity, information technology, and wireless security.

Cycurid Technologies

Cycurid Technologies crafts software solutions to tackle the pervasive issues involving digital identity. While the names of the founders are not publicly available, the company has made a major mark in the world of blockchain, compliance, cryptocurrency, identity management, and security.

Forward Security

Forward Security is specialized in providing security solutions for finance, health, technology, and utilities industries. This sets a great example of how BC startups are safeguarding diverse sectors.

OneComply Inc

OneComply Inc led by Cameron B. Conn, provides encryption services, authentication and external security audits, all to ensure data protection. They essentially operate making the database, security, and software industries safer.

Local Security

Local Security is dedicated to providing advanced video surveillance and alarm management technology services, which are indispensable particularly in the cloud and network security sectors.

UCW Labs Ltd.

UCW Labs Ltd., though without publicly known founders, offers varied services from IoT prototyping to custom hardware design and software development. A rich array of sectors relies on their groundbreaking aid.

Verilog Solutions

Verilog Solutions stands out as a full-stack Web3 security firm. They show significant contribution to blockchain and cybersecurity industries.

Active Witness

Active Witness, founded by Rob Bakshi, is a reputable cloud-based Access Control manufacturer. They leverage multi-factor credentials for securing facility access; a great aid for securing hardware, physical security, and software industries.

Styx Intelligence

Styx Intelligence, founded by Karim Ladha, uses their digital risk protection platform to protect assets against cyber and digital risks. Their innovation in the artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and network security sectors is noteworthy.

VPN Technologies

VPN Technologies, led by Paul Dickson, provides crucial virtual private network services for those seeking to protect their identity and personal data on the internet. The firm is a shining example of innovation within the cybersecurity, network security and software industries of BC.

In conclusion, these BC-based cybersecurity startups are pushing boundaries and innovating in a constantly evolving digital landscape. From offering advanced surveillance and alarm systems to ensuring secure access control and protecting digital identities, these startups are securing the future of the digital realm and the enterprises that operate in it.

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