Which Toronto Automotive Startups are Influencing Canada’s Car Industry in 2023?

Canada’s startup scene is bustling with diverse companies striding within their respective niches and changing the way we think about traditional concepts. Interestingly, one area that has seen significant innovation is the automotive sector and Toronto, Ontario, has been a hub for this development. The industry is undergoing a seismic shift with emerging startups reposting their blends of creativity leveraged by technology. Lets delve into some of these intriguing corporations that are driving this change forward.

Whether it is through the creation of online car-buying platforms or the development of remote monitoring software for robotaxis, automotive startups in Toronto are continually pushing the boundaries and reimagining what is possible within the automotive space. These companies are harnessing the power of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and electric vehicle technology to disrupt a traditionally straightforward industry.

Below, we’re showcasing 15 of these enterprising Toronto-based automotive startups. They represent a broad spectrum of innovation and creativity, merging technology with automotive to usher a new dawn. From vehicle insurance to EV adoption, these ventures are making a significant impact within the Canadian and global automotive sectors.

NowVertical Group

NowVertical Group is a game-changer in the Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services realm. Founded by Daren Trousdell, it combines industry-specific technology and comprehensive expertise for business development and big data-related services, notably within the automotive sector.

Panda Hub

Paving the way for on-demand mobile car care is Panda Hub. Abdullah Sharief and Mark Ahee founded this company as a one-stop-shop solution for automotive care, offering services right at the customer’s doorstep via their robust app.


EV.com, under Joel Li’s stewardship, is working assiduously towards the ambition of zero-emission mobility. This platform is shaping up as the next generation online hub for Electric Vehicle(EV) purchasing experiences.


Matthew McKenzie’s CarDoor, delivers online car buying and delivery services to consumers, bringing the convenience of online shopping to automobile purchases.


At Velocia David Winterstein, Greg Boutin, Hamid Akbari, are revolutionizing public transportation with their loyalty platform. This platform promotes efficient and reduced congestion in cities, thereby fostering smarter mobility choices.

Car Scanner

Car Scanner led by Michał Laska, offers an innovative solution that uses autonomous robots for automatic parking enforcement and car damage documentation.


Roll, founded by Arda Erturk and Richard Cao offers smart mobility solutions in the form of dock-less electric scooter and bike sharing services to cities and campuses.


GrynCar is transforming the buying and selling experience of used cars through its online platform.


Mazlite, co-founded by Amirreza Amighi and Cameron Dallas, provides an Industrial IoT platform for spray monitoring and digitization. This has potential applications within the automotive painting and coating process.


PAVE.AI developed by Brian Steinhauser, and Stephen Southin is revolutionizing vehicle inspections. With their approach, anyone with a smartphone can conduct a guided vehicle inspection by merely taking photos of their vehicle.


Shaq Rahman and Shirjeel Arshad’s AutoCoin brings an innovative concept of earning while driving. This platform leverages blockchain and cryptocurrency within the automotive, e-commerce, and finance sectors.

EV Technology

EV Technology was created with a prime intent to fast-track the adoption of electric vehicles, a potent narrative for sustainable transport.

Passenger AI

Passenger AI is a pioneering startup within the autonomous vehicle segment, focusing on software for remote monitoring of robotaxis.

Allegory Insurance

Allegory Insurance led by Onur Gungor is building the future of insurance using AI and machine vision. Their goal is to help good drivers save money and prevent accidents.


Subskryb founded by Giovanni Smith, Kendell Johnson, and Preston Martelly, is reimagining vehicle ownership within a subscription model. This vehicle-share tech company invests in cars, leaving the rest to the customers.

These startups provide a sneak peek into the exciting revolution taking place within the automotive industry. Canada’s startup ecosystem’s vibrancy is ever so apparent in these ventures, showcasing the dynamic blend of creativity, technology, and ambitious drive. As these companies evolve and grow, it will be fascinating to watch how they reshape the landscape of the automotive sector both domestically and globally.

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