Which Toronto Medical Device Startups are Transforming Canada’s Healthcare in 2023?

As a hotbed for growth and innovation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to an abundance of start-ups, particularly in the medical device industry. These emerging businesses play a crucial role in improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge technology to identify, prevent, monitor, and treat various health conditions. This article shines a spotlight on 15 medical device start-ups in Toronto that are making their mark through their inventive and critical contributions to the healthcare sector.

These startups are pushing the boundaries, utilizing AI, robotics, and innovating in fields such as fertility, diagnostics, urogynecology, and more. They provide solutions that improve efficiency, patient comfort, diagnosis accuracy, and treatment options in a variety of medical fields. From democratizing bionic hands to creating intelligent neuromodulation devices, these businesses are undoubtedly disrupting the medical landscape in Toronto and beyond.

Without further ado, here are the noteworthy Toronto medical device startups that you should keep an eye on:

Able Innovations

Able Innovations is redefining patient transfer in healthcare through its robotic medical devices, aiming to solve a significant inefficiency and pain point in the industry. This startup, founded by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang, operates at the intersection of Computer Vision, Health Care, Medical Device, Robotics, and Social Impact.


Lilia, started by Alyssa Atkins, offers a unique at-home fertility service, serving as a concierge for busy individuals who want to keep the option of having children open. The startup combines Consumer Goods, Fertility, Medical Device, and Wellness.

Oncoustics AI

Founded by Beth Rogozinski, Oncoustics AI employs artificial intelligence on raw ultrasound signals to perform low-cost diagnostics and monitor treatment of structural diseases.

Cosm Medical

Cosm Medical, under the leadership of Derek Sham, is paving the way in Digital Urogynecology with its unique Gynethotic product aimed at Pelvic Floor Disorders.


Started by Craig MacInnis, myCaribou is a digital platform allowing manufacturers and distributors across the globe to build fruitful partnerships.

NuGen Medical Devices

NuGen Medical Devices is revolutionizing medical delivery products with its needle-free technologies, contributing to Assistive Technology, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Wellness sectors.


With Michael Floros at its helm, Cohesys specializes in developing novel biocompatible adhesives tailored for surgical applications.

A.I. VALI Inc.

A.I. VALI Inc. is led by Azar Azad and Trevor McKee. The company is developing an artificial intelligence platform to assist with early disease detection and drug development.

Revolve Surgical

Revolve Surgical, founded by Alex Gordon, Matthew Kang, and Peter Francis, is innovating in the field of surgical robotics designed for use in operating rooms.

Inolife Sciences

Inolife Sciences is a rising and ambitious specialty medical device company.


Evan Neff and Hamayal Choudhry are the masterminds behind smartARM, which aims to democratize bionic hands for upper limb amputees leveraging current developments in artificial intelligence and 3D printing.

Nexus Health

Nexus Health offers medical ID wristbands and a mobile app platform as a part of its SaaS product line.


Molli, launched by Ananth Ravi and John Dillon, manufactures a localization device that facilitates the removal of lesions in lumpectomy.

Vector Health Labs

Vector Health Labs provides unparallel service to clients via its state-of-the-art laboratory services.

NerveX Neurotechnologies

Co-founded by Gerard O’Leary and Taufik Valiante, NerveX Neurotechnologies develops intelligent neuromodulation devices to repair and augment the nervous system.

These startups illuminate the dynamic and cutting-edge start-up scene in Toronto, making it a global hub for innovation in the medical device sector. As they continue to create, grow, and make their impact felt, the healthcare industry will undeniably be better off due to their contributions.

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