Which Vancouver Social Media Startups Redefined Canada’s Digital Landscape in 2023?

As a tech-forward city with a thriving startup culture, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has become a significant hotspot for innovative start-ups. Particularly noteworthy is the influx of social media startups, offering novel offerings in arenas from dynamic content creation to real estate marketing using AI. The following are fifteen intriguing social media startups from Vancouver, each striving to redefine the way individuals and businesses interact in the virtual public sphere.

These startups beautifully illustrate the diversity and potential of the great Vancouver start-up scene, from the creative solutions they offer to the technology they employ. Startups like these are precisely why Vancouver continues to be a hub of innovation within Canada and beyond.

Let us weave through the fascinating narratives of these startups, arguing for Vancouver as a fertile ground for tech innovation and a striking destination for entrepreneurial ventures.


Creator.co is a Creator Ecosystem purpose-built to automate collaborations between Influencers and SMEs. The platform resides at the intersection of various industries including Content Creators, Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, SaaS, Social CRM, Social Media Advertising, and Social Media Marketing. Founded by Vinod Varma, Creator.co is systematically changing the dynamic of influencer-brand partnerships.


The fusion of AI and social media is the core offering of Roomvu. This platform crafts ready-made hyper-local videos that realtors personalize and broadcast on social media or promoted via SMART ads. Co-founded by Amir Vohooshi, amir vohooshi, and Russell Kentish, Roomvu operates at the juxtaposition of Advertising, Real Estate, and Social Media sectors.

Loop Inc.

Loop Inc. is a novel social network that facilitates multi-participatory social discussions. This startup, helmed by Cem Yilmaz and Sezer Ulutas, empowers users to trigger conversations that leverage the wisdom of the masses.


Orderinbox, founded by Mehmet Taskiran, is a Social Commerce Platform crafted for the Metaverse, which operates in industries as diverse as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-Commerce, Internet, Social, Social Media, and Trading Platform. Learn more at orderinbox.com.


Collabstr operates as the world’s most extensive marketplace connecting brands and creators. Founded by Clayton Rannard and Kyle Dulay, Collabstr is a key player in the realms of Content Creators, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Marketplace, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, and Social Media Marketing.


Established by Andrew Hanlon, DistantTwins is a social media application offering a fresh form of entertainment. The startup interfaces with industries like Celebrity, Gaming, and Social Media to deliver unique experiences.


50mMidas, helmed by founder Justin Jin, is a cross-platform digital media company. It creates a significant impact on industries such as Content, Content Creators, Media and Entertainment, Social Media Advertising, and Video.


Podyssey is a unique app for podcasts that aids users in discovering podcasts and episodes. This innovative application services sectors like the Internet, Podcast, and Social Media.


Copywriters.com creates an online hub for copywriters worldwide to share thought leadership content for marketers, consumers, and professionals. It contributes to the Publishing, Social, and Social Media Marketing industries.

Swipe Right Media

Swipe Right Media is a company dedicated to helping startups and small businesses discover and claim government incentives. It operates within sectors such as Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Financial Services, and Social Media Advertising.


Recognized in the Education, Recruiting, and Social Media spheres, ApplyChance provides professors and departments a platform to connect with the best-suited graduate school applicants. ApplyChance, founded by Bardia Lozomi and Mahyad Aghigh, is shaping the future of academic recruitment and engagement.


Conceived by Viswanadh Keerthi, MagSway is a platform for Influencers which offers services in industries such as Advertising, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Marketing, and Social Media.

Rippel INC

Rippel, helmed by founder Maninder Minhas, is a civic tech platform committed to enhancing transparency and accountability in modern-day politics. Rippel operates within industries ranging from Apps, Digital Media, Information Technology, Internet, Mobile, Social Media, to Software.

Refined Republic

Founded by Paul Hernandez, Refined Republic is a social media marketing and PR agency helping public figures, artists, influencers, brands, and entrepreneurs. The company stands at the intersection of the Advertising, Media and Entertainment, Music, Public Relations, and Social Media Marketing sectors.

Ollo Metrics

Ollo Metrics is a digital marketing agency that focuses on marketing analytics, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and social media advertising. This startup operates within the Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Advertising scenes.

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