Which Calgary AI Startups are Influencing the Tech Industry in 2023?

With the rise in technological innovation and digitization, Canada’s start-up ecosystem is making significant strides in artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors. Particular attention is being given to AI companies in Calgary, Alberta, a city that is fast becoming a burgeoning hub for AI innovation. These start-ups not only show remarkable innovation and growth but also contribute substantially to industry diversification, job creation, and economic growth. Here are 15 of these Calgary-based ventures pushing the boundaries of AI.

These enterprises are leveraging AI to improve operational efficiencies, streamline processes and unlock new opportunities across several industries, from AgTech and GreenTech to Healthcare and Fintech. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these intriguing AI Startups in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that are making remarkable strides in AI innovation.

Each startup solving different problems, but all leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. You’ll learn about their focus, industry, and founders, providing you with a comprehensive purview of what AI looks like in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Qube Technologies

Founded by Alex MacGregor, Qube Technologies is a pioneer in GreenTech, IoT, and AI. The company is currently developing an IoT device that employs AI to detect and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at oil and gas facilities. Visit Qube Technologies here.

Verge Ag

Verge Ag is a trailblazer in the AgTech, AI, and Farming industry. The start-up, co-founded by Godard TP, Ryan Johnson, and Wilson Acton, provides innovative IT services for farming. Learn more about Verge Ag here.

Mercator AI

Lead by Chloe Smith and Hogan Lee, Mercator AI offers real-time construction intelligence. The AI startup aims to help businesses find and qualify new opportunities faster, tapping into Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Market Research. Visit Mercator AI here.


OraQ AI is a clinical decision support system founded by Amreesh Khanna, Michael Parchewsky, and Wayne Madhlangobe. Its goal is to empower patients by improving wellness practices through a holistic approach. Discover OraQ AI here.

Drishya AI Labs

Established by Aman Brar, Amardeep Sibia, and Sravan Rekandar, Drishya AI Labs is an AI company focusing on digital transformation. Find out more about Drishya AI Labs here.


Synauta is an AI-based water tech company founded by Mike Dixon. This Canadian company is making waves in the CleanTech and Industrial Automation sectors. Visit Synauta here.

Integrity Technology Solutions

Integrity Technology Solutions, lead by Cody Austin, builds trusted technology for transactions. It operates in AI, Consulting, and Financial Services sectors. Learn more about Integrity Technology Solutions here.

Danihel Group

Peter Danihel’s Danihel Group is creating innovative technology in online media, AI, and fintech applications. It also overlaps with the Blockchain industry. Visit Danihel Group here.

AI Shading

Zack Zhang’s AI Shading focuses on reducing environmental footprint from homes and buildings using AI and IOT technologies. Discover AI Shading here.

Intelius AI

Intelius AI, co-founded by Farnoush Farnia and Wayne Madhlangobe, is an AI product development company designed to propel businesses forward. Visit Intelius AI here.


Founded by Amit Varma, Braintoy provides a fast, efficient AI platform for machine learning. Learn more about Braintoy here.


Susan Groeneveld’s sylvester.ai operates in the PetTech industry, using AI in animal health practices. Visit sylvester.ai here.

Skymount Medical

Skymount Medical is a Biotech and Medical company that develops AI-based drug discovery tools. You can find out more about Skymount medical here.


BlueMarvel AI is an industrial operations software company. Visit BlueMarvel AI here.


Alec Lamb, Huda Abbas and Jackson Cooper’s Jamh provides services in content research, data collection, and communication, leveraging AI and machine learning. Discover Jamh here.

In conclusion, these startups illustrate the versatile and innovative applications of AI across diverse industries. Thanks to the inventive minds behind these companies, the future of AI in Calgary seems bright and full of possibility, constantly reshaping the technology landscape in Canada.

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