How are Alberta’s Top Real Estate Startups Influencing Canadian Market?

The dynamic province of Alberta is home to a myriad of startups shaking up the real estate industry, blurring the lines between property and technology. From prop-tech platforms to AI-driven companies that focus on green tech, Alberta is a bubbling hotpot of tech-forward, innovative companies that are ready to make their mark. Here we have gathered a list of 15 exciting Alberta-based startups, which are bringing cutting-edge technology solutions and services and transforming the real estate space.


Falkbuilt is an Alberta-based construction company that is integrating next-generation technology in interior construction. This real estate startup, which combines elements from construction, interior design, and software, is pushing the boundaries of innovation. Co-founder Mogens Smed is helping to lead the charge in bringing digital transformations in the traditional construction industry. Learn more about their work at Falkbuilt.


Ownly is another standout in the industry. This startup uses big data and customer experience to help companies with sales and lead generation. Delving into realms of analytics, big data, sales, and real estate, Ownly is helping businesses make sense of complex data. Explore more about them at Ownly.


The Alberta real estate industry is also experiencing a spike in prop-tech solutions with startups like Caret. This innovative company is offering a seamless communication, booking, and work order solution for property managers and owners. Check out their creative solutions at Caret.


Founded by Angus Gastle, Ken Bautista, and Tim Hengel, 1M is committed to spurring development and investment in downtowns—one million square feet at a time. This dynamic startup is bringing a unique approach to the real estate and retail industries. You can learn more about their efforts at 1M.


HonestDoor, co-founded by Dan Belostotsky, is revolutionizing the real estate sector with big data and predictive analytics. Using data-driven insights, HonestDoor provides estimated values of houses, ushering in new levels of transparency and certainty. Discover more about their services at HonestDoor.


Co-founders Alan Kelly, Jeff Jackson, and Jordan Allred launched Bōde, a digital real estate platform, as an alternative and smarter way to buy and sell homes. To find out more about how they are streamlining the real estate industry, visit Bōde.

AI Shading

With a focus on green tech, AI Shading, founded by Zack Zhang, is creating AI & IOT enabled technologies to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of homes and buildings. Discover more about this pioneering startup at AI Shading.


Syzl, co-founded by Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin, is leading the evolution of sharing economy with its on-demand certified kitchens. To explore how this app is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry, go to Syzl.

Clavis Studio

Clavis Studio offers a sophisticated 3D online platform for interior design and home decoration. This startup is certainly transforming the realms of interior design and real estate. Experience their unique platform at Clavis Studio.

Northview Fund

Reimagining the realm of real estate investment, Northview Fund is a real estate investment company that is driving change and growth in the industry. Learn more about their work at Northview Fund.

The Public Food Hub Co.

Co-founded by Ken Bautista and Kirsta Franke, The Public Food Hub Co. bridges food lovers and makers through its approach that combines food and beverage, hospitality, and real estate. Find out more about this innovative startup at The Public Food Hub Co.

Quality Connect

Quality Connect, founded by Andrew Wellwood seeks to transform the construction industry by connecting residential builders with trade contractors for construction projects. Explore more about their work at Quality Connect.

Cantiro Group

Alberta’s real estate potential is also harnessed by Cantiro Group. This company is striving to deliver unique homes, communities, and commercial properties. Visit Cantiro Group to learn more about their work.

National Realty

Specializing in commercial real estate brokerage, National Realty is having a substantial impact on Alberta’s real estate scenario. Discover more about their contributions at National Realty.


Lastly, Alberta is home to IOFI, an investment management firm focusing on real estate, insurance policy plans, and funding services. They are redefining the approach towards insurance and funding within the real estate industry. Find out more about their services at IOFI.

In conclusion, Alberta, with its ever-growing startup ecosystem, is becoming a vibrant hub for real estate innovation. The dynamic startups mentioned above not only underline the pace of development in Alberta but are also paving the way for other startups to carve their niche in the industry.

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