Who are Ontario’s Most Influential Data Integration Startups in 2023?

In the digital age, data is king. As businesses strive to make sense of the massive volumes of data they generate daily, data integration has become a critical area. Many innovative startups are making strides in this field, employing the latest technologies and strategies to help businesses harmonize their data for better decision-making. Ontario, Canada, is home to several such startups making waves. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 of the most interesting data integration startups based in Ontario.

All of these start-ups are making a significant impact in their respective fields by employing data integration and analysis. The article includes pictures and will delve deep into their operations and contributions towards changing the business landscape.

NowVertical Group

Founded by Daren Trousdell, NowVertical Group is a Vertical Intelligence (VI) software and services company that combines industry-specific technology and expertise. They have developed solutions in analytics, automotive, big data, government, retail technology, to name a few.


Under the leadership of Steve Irvine, Integrate.ai, a SaaS startup, enables developers to build machine learning and analytics products across distributed data silos. They specialize in artificial intelligence (AI), data integration, and business enterprise software.


Founded by Andrew McEwen and Etai Mizrahi, Secoda offers a collaborative workspace that enables data teams to share metadata, queries, charts, and documentation. They are a leader in analytics, data storage, and management information systems.

RIFO Holding Group

Charles Jiang and Johnson Ji founded RIFO – Real Innovation for Home Realty. RIFO works in a variety of sectors, including apps, fintech, and real estate. Their system is heavily reliant on data integration and financial services.


Co-founded by Paul Klicnik and Yoseph West, Relay is a digital bank designed for growing businesses. It integrates banking, data, financial services, and small and medium businesses (SMBs) while maintaining a strong fintech base.


Cinchy, co-founded by Dan DeMers and Karanjot Jaswal, is a Dataware platform that makes integration obsolete. Their innovative approach to collaboration, data integration, and enterprise software is revolutionizing the industry.

DGT Network

Founded by Alexander Khvatov, Ksenia I., and Valery Khvatov, DGT is a Web3 hybrid network that allows enterprises to build open ecosystems while retaining full governance and control. They implement blockchain, business intelligence, fintech, and data integration.


Founded by Shobhit Khandelwal, ShyftLabs is a data and analytics consulting firm offering services in data governance, data warehousing, predictive analysis, and cloud BI.


Transforming enterprise web experiences without code is the mission of Touchless, founded by Kevin Gervais. Their work in data integration, software, and web development sets them apart.

Pharos Platforms

Founded by Bardia Monavari, Bhareth Kachroo, and Peter Fettes, Pharos Platforms is automating data science and ML workflows for geospatial data through a single API. They have honed their expertise in data integration, big data, and cloud services.

Green Bee 3

Green Bee 3 is an IT service consultancy that focuses on cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, and cloud services.


Founded by Michael Nguyen, DataTorch is a data annotation platform with a focus on artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Beyond Cloud Consulting

Specializing in data migration, integration, development, customization, and training solutions, Beyond Cloud Consulting is making a name for itself in the IT consulting field.


Novitech provides in-line pipeline inspection and mapping services. They’ve integrated advanced data technologies into their process to ensure optimal results.


Dataforge.ai is a service that provides data annotation for AI Machine Learning applications. They concentrate on artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning.

The data integration landscape in Ontario is thriving, with all of these businesses making significant strides in merging advanced technology with data analysis. By adopting innovative strategies and technologies, these startups continue to prove that Ontario is fertile ground for innovative businesses.

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