Which Toronto Infrastructure Startups Are Revolutionizing Ontario’s Economy in 2023?

Welcome to the vibrant world of Canadian infrastructure startups, which have been flourishing lately in Toronto, Ontario, a location that has quickly become a hotspot for technological innovation. This flourishing environment of entrepreneurship and technological advances has given birth to an impressive lineup of exciting startups in the infrastructure space. From cybersecurity to cloud computing, communications to blockchain, these startups are transforming various industrial sectors, redefining the paradigms of conventional infrastructure.

Below we look into a collection of 15 Toronto-based startups that are currently making waves within the infrastructure industry. All catering to a variety of different niches but sharing a common goal of problem-solving in the infrastructure space through advanced technological solutions. This examination not only brings to the limelight the brainchild of budding entrepreneurs but also showcases the structural strength signifying Canada’s zeal for fostering technological advancement.

So, let’s delve into these ingenious startups, learn about their creators, and explore their future potentials. Here’s a closer look at each of these promising ventures making their mark in the exciting terrain of modern infrastructure.


Founded by Avery Pennarun, Brad Fitzpatrick and David Carney, Tailscale is a software company that has risen up to provide secure connectivity with zero-configuration virtual private networks (VPNs). Operating in the space of Cyber Security, Information Technology, Infrastructure, and Network Security, Tailscale brings innovative solutions to the ever-evolving internet connectivity issues.


FilSwan is the brainchild of Charles Cao. It stands as a unique venture operating in Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Information Technology, and IT Infrastructure. FilSwan is developing a storage and computing infrastructure layer for Web3, signifying a new trend in tech entrepreneurship.


Founded by Adam Hendin and Aron Jackson, Radum is making a mark in the industry through its advanced AI development tools and systems. Delivered as a service in the cloud, their offer cuts across the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Machine Learning.


Brought to life by Bryce Hunter, TritonHQ is combining tech and creativity. They simplify brand and content ownership through media library automation tools and high-quality video production. Their specialties are Cloud Infrastructure, Consulting, Information Technology, and Software.

Arc Compute

Founded by Arthur Rasmusson and Justin Ritchie, Arc Compute is a custom GPU-accelerated infrastructure developer. They offer solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Infrastructure, fabricating a unique spot in the startup ecosystem.


CarbonGraph, devised by Nick Sheahan, Nicola Craig, and Sam Anderson, facilitates businesses in measuring and sharing their carbon footprint in a standard format. They operate in the Infrastructure, Software, and Supply Chain Management space.


Fieldchat is an invention of Katrin Lepik and Stephen Smith, providing construction communication software as their specialty. They propagate the amalgamation of Communications Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Software.

Bifrost Cloud

John Yue and Michael Y established Bifrost Cloud with the mission to make data resiliency a commodity for businesses through distributed cloud storage. They navigate through the sectors of Blockchain, Cloud Infrastructure, and Information Technology.


Founded by Alex Paguis and Yegor Sak, ControlD is a startup that helps bypass geo-restrictions and block tracking metrics. They focus on Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure, and Network Security, marking a distinctive stride in the industry.

Green Bee 3

Green Bee 3 is a consultancy that focuses on cybersecurity, data backup, recovery, and cloud services. Their forte lies in Cloud Infrastructure, Consulting, Data Integration, IT Management, and Training, signifying modern IT leadership.


Devarajan Subramanian founded Drizti to deliver an easy-to-use cloud high-performance computing solution. Their area of Influence covers Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, and Software.


Elastify is an open-sourced Information Technology firm providing cybersecurity, cloud, and governance. This unique blend of expertise marks a new trend in the Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Software domain.


Accelerified operates as a technology consulting and development firm specialized in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Their expert understanding of these subjects establishes a niche for them in the market.


Mbele is a software company that has developed a unique feedback-on-demand Android and iOS app for social communications. This innovation takes Communication Infrastructure, Education, and Software to a new level.

Hunt Analytics

Hunt Analytics provides enriched blockchain data pipelines serving analytics and attribution data to Web3 teams. Their work in Analytics, Blockchain, Data Integration, and Infrastructure is creating a new trend in the tech startup industry.

In conclusion, each of these startups adds a distinct flavour to Canada’s tech environment and contributes in their own way to the bright future of infrastructure technology. They are the epitome of ambition, creativity, and innovation, reimagining technology’s transformative power. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of traditional infrastructure, setting new standards, and fostering a future where technology facilitates and augments our everyday functions, practices, and systems.

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