Which Toronto Industrial Startups are Reshaping Canada’s Future Today?

Exploration of new frontiers is not restricted to interstellar quest or incredible tech constructs, it is also evident in the heart-pumping entrepreneurial ventures and spirited Startups that are consistently pushing boundaries to revolutionize our world. Venturing deep into the heart of industrial growth in Canada, it becomes clear that Toronto, Ontario is turning out to be ground zero for some of the most exciting innovations. From making manufacturing more sustainable and efficient to refining the way goods are moved, these startups are weaving intriguing narratives that will form the paradigm of future economic growth. Here’s introducing you to 15 of these industrial startups:


In a world chasing efficiency, Boxhub is leading transformations in the shipping world. Founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, this e-commerce industrial startup is devoted to streamlining the trading, transportation, and usage of intermodal shipping containers. Their innovative solutions are making ripples in industries ranging from Logistics to Supply Chain Management.

Basetwo AI

This manufacturing-tech marvel is helmed by founders Kiefer Eaton, Tawfeeq Abdul Gaffoor, and Thamjeeth Abdul Gaffoor. With its predictive analytics and software solutions, Basetwo AI is assisting manufacturers worldwide in enhancing production processes and mitigating waste.


With micro-factories for food, Relocalize is giving a new dimension to food-producing industries. Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre are spearheading this organization that utilizes modern technology to revolutionize food delivery, food processing, and retail technology.

Altius Analytics Labs

Altius Analytics Labs is at the forefront of ergonomic risk management. The startup uses a blend of big data, computer vision, and machine learning to create software that aids workplaces in identifying ergonomic risks swiftly and binocularly. The founders are Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee.


Presenting a novel approach to factory digitization, TRACKiTT is being hailed as the App Store for manufacturing. Founders, Akshay Vishwakarma, and Gibran Kichlu, are working on leveraging this tech to modernize industrial automation and offer predictive analytics solutions.

Doré Copper Mining

Pioneered by Ewan Downie, Doré Copper Mining utilizes its expertise in the industrial and natural resources sector for the development of high-grade copper-gold brownfield projects.


Allan E., Mario Escoto Damas, and Mario Vasquez are driving technology innovation in Industrial Manufacturing with BeltecHub™. The startup is becoming a hub for industrial belting, automation, and MRO supplies.

Promise Robotics

Reinventing the industrial automation landscape with AI, Construction, SaaS, and Robotics, Promise Robotics promises a future of intelligent machinery. The enterprise got wings from the vision of founders Ramtin Attar and Reza Nasseri.

Significans Automation

Significans Automation, helmed by Marc Raad, is bringing high-tech solutions to the print and packaging sectors. The company specializes in material handling automation and has been creating vital changes in the commercial and enterprise resource planning (ERP) realms.


Unveiling the path for healthy and sustainable alternatives for vaping, SMOOD is leading transformations in the electronics and healthcare industry. The torchbearer of this tech initiative is Laurent Manca.


Tailored to automate systems and improve workflow, NorthLogic creates intricate software solutions which greatly cut operating costs for businesses. This player in the field of industrial automation is making waves.

Axis Control Solutions

An engineering firm offering bespoke solutions, Axis Control Solutions presents an array of services, including project management assistance, CNC, and robots software development. The startup significantly influences the domains of Industrial Engineering, Robotics, and Software programming.

The Steel Store

Unifying the realms of business development and e-commerce, The Steel Store, conceived by Rajat Jain, sparks an interesting proposition of an online B2B marketplace for trading steel.

Empirical Automation

As a provider of industrial robotic hardware, programming, and integration services, Empirical Automation is at the frontlines of automated system deployments. It is drastically changing the landscape for business automation.


Architecting the future of AI, hedQTRS is deeply engrossed in research and development to secure AI applications vital for infrastructure. This startup is an influential player in AI and Product Research.

The Toronto startups mentioned above are contributing to a future of increased digitalization, increased production efficiency, and a fundamental shift in traditional production processes. By consistently pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers, they are pioneering the next wave of industrial evolution.

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