Who Are Toronto’s Game-changing Electronics Startups Shaping 2023?

As Canada’s biggest city, Toronto is a thriving hub for countless startups in a myriad of sectors. The city is home to a wealth of innovative technology companies making major strides in the world of electronics. In this article, we will be showcasing 15 of the most exciting electronics startups operating out of the city, explaining their unique missions and how they are driving their industry forward.

From creating novel hardware accelerators for edge AI to hacking the monopoly of central cloud storage, Toronto’s electronics startups are making waves on both a national and global scale. Supporting innovation and pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities, they are fueling the city’s reputation as a dynamic and vibrant tech hotspot. Here we will dive into the standout startups that are defining the future of electronics across various fields including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, recycling, and more.

So, let’s explore these impressive startups, understand their contributions to their respective sectors, and see how they are propelling Toronto to the forefront of the electronics industry.


Functionland was founded by Aaron Maines, Arman Shirani, and Ehsan Shariati with the intention of breaking the monopoly of central cloud storage. Operating in Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Consumer Electronics, and Software industries, this startup aims to democratize data storage, reducing reliance on centralized cloud storage solutions.

Car Scanner

Car Scanner, as the name suggests, performs automated parking enforcement and car damage documentation via autonomous robots. The automotive and electronics company was launched by Michał Laska.

Lemurian Labs

Lemurian Labs brings to the scene efficient, high-performance programmable hardware accelerators for edge AI and robotics workloads. Built by Jay Dawani and Vassil Dimitrov, the company operates in ASIC, AI, electronics, machine learning, and robotics.


Matdun is a consumer electronics company co-founded by Hitesh Dundi and Suresh Matha. Their technology revolves around AI, computer vision, and security.

Kiri Innovation

In the sectors of computing, electronics, and manufacturing, Kiri Innovation focuses on 3D scanning reconstruction technology, contributing a unique angle to these industries.


PulSenics is an AI, electronics, hardware, and software company providing real-time electrochemical system monitoring and control solutions. The company was founded by Essam Elsahwi and Mariam Awara.


Cubert develops consumer technology and products. It was established by Jeffrey Lee and Marius Rønnov, and they operate in the realms of consumer electronics, e-commerce, personal health, and software.

Quantum Lifecycle Partners

Quantum Lifecycle Partners provide services in electronics recycling and trading, contributing significantly to waste management and reuse, data solutions, and ITAD services.


SMOOD is an innovative technology company developing alternative vaping products supported by health and environmental concerns. Their services are offered across the electronics, healthcare, and industrial engineering industries. Laurent Manca is one of the founders.

Sonnet Labs

Sonnet Labs, established by Boken Lin, Junmin Guo, and Randolf Gioro, uses long-range mesh network technology. They establish connectivity when the existing communications infrastructure is unavailable, operating within the communication hardware, consumer electronics, hardware, IoT, and wireless sectors.

Mr. Star

Mr. Star is a start-up by Milad Razban that offers trusted and convenient digital services for the smart home, providing technical support in the consumer electronics sector.


Consumer electronics and e-commerce startup, Urbie, is an online marketplace for air purifier products, aiming to improve indoor air quality for users across the board.

Addem Labs

Addem Labs has created a proprietary film that allows for the making of copper Printed Circuit Boards, offering unique advancements in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and electronics industries.


Wavee seeks to inspire and cultivate a healthy oral hygiene lifestyle through modern technology and innovative product design. They operate in the audio, consumer electronics, dental and healthcare industries.


And finally, Mouseplay brings to the fore the concept of a smart computer mouse. The electronics and internet-focused start-up offers a novel product that allows users to appear as if they are working, regardless of what their hands are doing.

In conclusion, Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s electrical startups are diverse, innovative and crucial to the city’s dynamic tech scene. Fueling transformation and shaping the electronics landscape, these businesses are not just influencing their immediate industries, but they are contributing to the broader global tech sphere.

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