Who Are Toronto’s Most Influential Product Design Startups in 2023?

The bustling Toronto startup scene is a hotbed of inventive products and creative services drawing from a range of industries. A major focal point of this lively ecosystem also happens to be in Product Design, where talented designers and ambitious entrepreneurs are forging a path of innovation and utility that is garnering global attention. Here’s a spotlight on 15 such Toronto-based product design startups that are certainly making waves in their respective markets.

Product Design startups are combining elements of business strategy, arts, science, and technology to tailor their offerings meticulously to relevant target demographics. They are not just about designing functional and visually pleasing products but are also continually striving to enhance the users’ experiences and lives. Endowed with the foresight for developing trends and the knack to balance aesthetics with practicality, these companies are becoming vital cogs in the wheel of comprehensive business propositions.

While these startups belong to disparate sectors, what unites them is the shared vision of instilling more convenience, effectiveness, and excitement in everyday products. Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting world of these 15 Toronto Product Design startups:

VAE Energy

VAE Energy has carved a niche in the Consumer Goods, Marketing, and Service Industry. Their flagship product VAE energy spray is intended for high performers requiring an immediate energy kick.

Artboard Studio

Artboard Studios is a collaborative mockup design tool aiming to revolutionize Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Software industries. Founded by Hooman Askari and Mucahit Gayiran, the platform fosters creativity and collaboration.


Papaya is taking strides in the sustainable space with their eco-friendly reusable paper towels. The startup is engaged in Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Sales sectors.


Founded by Rajagopalan Raghavan, Rootquotient works as a strategic technology partner for startups and enterprises, focusing on Cloud Data Services, Consulting, IT, Product Design, and Software.

Hypotenuse Labs

Hypotenuse Labs is a multifaceted technology company spanning across Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Product Design, Software, and Web Development domains.

Trajekt Sports

Trajekt Sports, co-founded by Joshua Pope and Rowan Ferrabee, brings cutting-edge engineering technology to professional sports through effective product design and robotics solutions.

Design Match

Design Match, initiated by Danielle Thompson, is a unique platform for finding a freelance designer for startups, focusing solely on Product Design.

Samara Bags

Samara Bags, led by Salima Visram, is a 100% cruelty-free fashion house with a mission for creating beautiful, compassionate products and experiences.

Luna Design and Innovation

Founded by Andrea Yip, Luna Design and Innovation is specializing in creating products to advance the field of biotechnology.

Stack Five

Stack Five is in the wee of Digital Product Design and Development including Mobile Apps, Software, UX Design, Web Apps, Web Design, and Web Development.


Calyx is a vaporization technology company designing cannabis vaporization hardware, servicing the Consumer Goods, GreenTech, Manufacturing, and Product Design industries.


Mamalux, initiated by Lindsay Applebaum Stuart, offers leakproof sleepwear for breastfeeding moms, contributing to the Fashion and Product Design sectors.

Craft Innovations

Craft Innovations is a research agency providing product design, UX audit, qualitative research, and testing services across consulting and design domains.

Butter Academy

Butter Academy provides a more efficient way to learn UX Design, focusing on Apps, Education, Product Design, Software, and Web Design sectors.

HppyHour Digital

HppyHour Digital is a Webflow Enterprise Partner and a low-code, no-nonsense web design studio providing their expertise in Consulting, E-Commerce, Product Design, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development.

The impact of Product Design on end-users and overall business landscapes is undeniable. The passionate and creative approach of these startups is setting the bar high for product innovation in Canada and beyond.

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