Which Innovative Canadian Tourism Startups are Redefining Travel in 2023?

Welcome to another edition of unique and innovative startups in Canada. In this article, we will be focusing on startups in the tourism sector. As we know, tourism has always been a significant sector in Canada due to the country’s diverse landscape and cultural diversity. However, recently, it has been attracting more attention with the emergence of tourism-focused startups that are revolutionizing the way we travel and experience new destinations.

These startups, driven by innovative ideas and advanced technologies, offer a wide range of services that streamline the travel experience for both locals and tourists. From trip planning to accommodation booking, these startups are redefining tourism in Canada. They are not only contributing to the country’s economic growth, but are also establishing Canada as a hotspot for tourism innovation.

Now, without further ado, let’s delve into 5 exciting tourism startups that are worthy of your attention. This list is a testament to the importance of innovation in the tourism industry and showcases the potential of Canadian entrepreneurs.


Hoper is a Montreal-based startup that stands out for its innovative approach to travel planning. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and detailed data analysis to help travellers plan their trips. Hoper’s platform takes into account several factors, such as personal preferences, budget, and weather, to provide a personalized travel experience. This startup goes beyond just booking hotels or flights; it aims to enhance the overall travel experience by facilitating personalised plans and recommendations.


Stay22 is another startup based in Montreal that’s revolutionizing the way we book accommodations. It provides a map-based accommodation booking platform where users can find accommodations and points of interest in proximity to events they will be attending. Stay22 partners with various accommodation providers, including hotels and rental platforms like Airbnb, and concert and event platforms to provide an integrated service to its users. This startup is making the trip planning experience more convenient and user-centric.

Uncharted Software Inc

Headquartered in Toronto, Uncharted Software Inc has developed a unique tourism platform known as Inception. This platform provides 3D visual analytics tools that help users to plan, simulate, and manage their travel experiences. With Uncharted Software Inc’s platform, users can explore different paths, scenarios, and options in their travel plans virtually. This not only offers a personalized travel experience but also allows users to fully visualize their trips before they occur.


Although Headout is a global platform, its Canadian operations are notable for the innovative way it curates and delivers travel experiences. Headout is an on-demand mobile marketplace that offers travellers unique, last-minute experiences. From sightseeing tours, activities, attractions, and events, Headout aims to help travellers explore their destination in a spontaneous, flexible and fun manner. It not only encourages local tourism but also helps travellers uncover hidden gems in their travel destinations.

Transit Windsor

Transit Windsor is not your typical startup, but its innovation in promoting local tourism is worth mentioning. Transit Windsor provides a comprehensive public transportation system in Windsor, Ontario, and has integrated elements of tourism into its services. For instance, it offers the City Cyclery Bike Rental option allowing tourists to explore the city at their own pace. It also offers travel planning features on its website to help users plan their journey efficiently completely.

Overall, these startups are paving the way for the future of tourism in Canada. Their unique ideas and innovative solutions provide lasting experiences for tourists while positively impacting the Canadian economy. These startups are a true testament to the potential of the Canadian tourism sector and its ability to innovate and evolve.

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