Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Email Marketing Startups in 2023?

CanadaVenture.news presents an exclusive overview of notable email marketing startups that are budding in Canada. Several prominent and up-and-coming Canadian startups have discerned the compelling need and surging demand for email marketing in the business world. Email marketing, being a powerful tool to nurture leads and elevate customer engagement, has seen these startups leveraging this strategy across diverse industries such as digital marketing, e-commerce, analytics, gaming, and much more. Let’s delve into the profiles of these dynamic startups that are shaping the future of email marketing in Canada.

These startups, though young, are making significant strides in their respective domains. They have been founded by trendsetters who spot market gaps, strategize, and mould innovative solutions that cater to modern-day business requirements. Apart from providing email marketing services, these startups span sectors such as software, analytics, and content marketing, merging these elements to offer comprehensive solutions to businesses.

Any modern enterprise aiming to leverage email marketing can consider opting for these startups for their robust, innovative and comprehensive services. Here’s a peek into these 15 promising Canadian email marketing startups shaping the future of digital marketing.


Exitget is an automation platform founded by Andrew Dear, offering seamless interaction-based services that capture user attention at the right time. Operating in sectors such as digital marketing, e-commerce, email marketing, and SaaS software, Exitget is revolutionizing user interface interaction in the marketing industry.


Founded by Heidi Ye and Rachel Wong, RocketBrew provides email marketing analytics and benchmarking services in the internet industry. Their focus is on optimizing email marketing to ensure higher return on investment for businesses.

Overstory Media Group

Overstory Media Group, founded by Andrew Wilkinson and Farhan Mohamed, creates, acquires, and builds remarkable community publications. Their specialty lies in crafting engaging email marketing content that inspires community action and dialogue.


Blue/Meta, founded by Nick Bideshi, is a multifaceted startup, specializing in digital experiences for medium-sized businesses by aligning customer experience through strategic technology use.

TrustAnalytica Information Services

TrustAnalytica Information Services is a versatile marketing platform offering a suite of services to businesses including analytics, email marketing, internet, online portals, and software solutions.

Aplo Group

Aplo Group, founded by Dylan Byers, Jacob P., and Liam Veregin, is dedicated to helping companies strategize and implement effective SME/MMS and email marketing. Visit their website here.

We Love Digital Marketing

From SEO and SMO to PPC and email marketing, We Love Digital Marketing is a versatile digital marketing agency that caters to all business needs.


Arcade, founded by Mike Payne, is a digital agency specializing in strategy, content production, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising. Check their website here.


Marketify is a standout startup that provides services in performance marketing, ppc, marketing strategy, SEO, and social media marketing.

Propel Guru

Propel Guru is a comprehensive agency offering services from website development and graphic design to content marketing. Discover more on their website.


Divisional specializes in delivering paid search, content strategy, and email marketing services to businesses, aiding them in optimizing their online presence and reach.

Wanderland Agency

Wanderland Agency, founded by Francois Huppertz and Michael Doumit, offers comprehensive online marketing services along with web design. Check out their website here.


Jetsend is an exclusive email marketing company offering specialized email marketing solutions to businesses for diverse needs.


Bizbird, founded by Ben Constanty, is a full-service marketing agency specializing in brand marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and email marketing. Visit their website here.

Delta Growth Inc

Delta Growth Inc, founded by Troy Fawkes, covers a wide array of services such as digital marketing, SEO, paid advertising, marketing automation, and conversion rate optimization. Discover more about them here.

In conclusion, these Canadian startups have seen the potential in email marketing for yielding better business results. Their services address different aspects of this avenue, providing comprehensive solutions to businesses worldwide. The future of email marketing in Canada is in good hands and promising, as shown by these innovative and dynamic startups.

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