Who are Canada’s Major Game Changers in Computer Vision Startups?

In the dynamic world of startups, Canada has proved to be a powerful contender in bringing forth innovative solutions. One of the key factors pushing this progress is the rise of computer vision technology. Computer vision, which encompasses the use of artificial intelligence to decipher and process visual data, has immense potential across a vast range of sectors, from healthcare to agriculture, to transport and beyond. This article is dedicated to showcasing some of the most promising computer visions startups from Canada.

Each of these Canadian startups is leveraging computer vision to tackle real-world challenges, while also utilizing other cutting-edge technologies. The companies range from sector-specific solutions, such as in healthcare, farming and retail, to broad-ranging platforms that have the potential to transform entire industries. Collectively, they represent some of the most exciting and innovative technological development coming from the Canadian startup scene.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these exciting companies and get a taste of the innovative solutions that they are bringing to the market.

Able Innovations

The healthcare industry is in great demand of innovative solutions and Able Innovations aims to fill in the gap. The startup is working on developing robotic medical devices designed to streamline patient transfer procedures. Co-founded by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang, Able Innovations combines Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to ensure a smooth healthcare procedure.

OneCup AI

Using technology to improve livestock wellbeing, OneCup AI uses Computer Vision to track the health, growth, activity, and phenotypes of animals. Founded by Geoffrey Shmigelsky, the platform offers a new breed of livestock monitoring solution.


Another powerful AI solution by Mahsoo Salimi, Sentire offers APIs and custom solutions for vision in domains like Agriculture, Horticulture, and even Drones.


At MicroTraffic, Craig Milligan and Joel Penner have developed a platform that utilizes computer vision technology to enhance road safety, offering data services to governmental bodies.

Syntax IQ

Syntax IQ, founded by Paul Wynter, is a software company that helps retailers generate and organize their content, leveraging computer vision and natural language processing.


With a mission to improve customer interaction, HUEX Labs have developed a voice-enabled digital assistant using computer vision. The startup was established by Anik Seth, Jiping Sun and Kiran Kadekoppa.

Altius Analytics Labs

Altius Analytics Labs, was started by Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee, provides a software solution that helps workplaces identify ergonomic risks with machine learning and computer vision.


Co-founders Hitesh Dundi and Suresh Matha’s Matdun is a platform that ensures home security using artificial intelligence and computer vision.


At Faimdata, Ari Himmel, Bin Zhu, and Michael Whitehouse have developed an AI-based computer vision platform for retail, hospitality, and finance sectors.


Abhijit Chatterjee’s startup, qualiTEAS, offers corrosion inspection and management solution powered by AI.

Machine Learning Estimation

Machine Learning Estimation, co-developed by David Yang and Michael Lawton, is a cloud-based platform that performs quantity estimations from construction plans using computer vision.

Mirsee Robotics

Mirsee Robotics, founded by Robert Ings and Tarek Rahim, offers smart robotics, AI, engineering, and manufacturing solutions.


Acquired by Vooban, HAXIO, founded by Alexandre Gervais, is focused on empowering manufacturing companies with easily-deployable AI-based vision software.


EAIGLE, co-founded by Akshaya Mishra, Amir Hoss, and Mahdi Marsousi, offers AI, SaaS, Machine Learning, and other deep-tech solutions.

Fortius Labs

To conclude, Fortius Labs, another venture by Abdelhamid El Bably, and Benjamin Lee, offers solutions aimed at enhancing the quality and scalability of injury prevention services in the sports and healthcare industry.

Each company here has showcased the diverse applications of computer vision technology, and there’s no denying that the future of Canadian startups shines bright with technological advancements. Watch this space for more exciting updates.

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