Which Canadian Compliance Startups Are Reshaping The Industry in 2023?

In the groundbreaking world of IT and cyberspace, compliance startups in Canada are shaping the future of online protection from fraud and cyberattacks, ensuring the safekeeping of data and sensitive information across various industries. This piece highlights 15 prominent Canadian startups curving notable paths in the realm of compliance. Each possesses unique, innovative strategies in fortifying digital processes, bolstering security measures, and manifesting a safer, more secure digital space.

These startups, through their various services, excel in ensuring the safety of data and sensitive information for SMBs, fintech businesses, cannabis management, and the AI industry, to name a few. They wield the power of technology and its ever-evolving landscapes to establish trust, reduce risk, and promote compliance in all their dealings. Spearheaded by various ingenious individuals, they foster the creation of vibrant, secure online ecosystems, setting the pace for fellow startups to follow suit.

The various sectors where these startups ply their trade include Compliance, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Payments, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, among others. The diversity of these startups provides an umbrella of protection against cyber threats and non-compliance in various sectors of the Canadian economy, setting a new standard in the field of compliance.


Founded by Darren Gallop and Laird Wilton, Carbide is a SaaS initiative that ensures small/medium businesses maintain compliance with vital security protocols such as SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA ISO.


Qohash, founded by Dany Grimard and Jean Le Bouthillier, aims to find, safeguard and track the most sensitive data across various platforms.


GrowerIQ, led by Andrew Wilson, is a Cannabis Management Platform ensuring compliance, support, and security in the cannabis industry.


PayTic is the brainchild of Imad Boumahdi, a platform that helps card issuers and fintech businesses digitize their back-office functions to control compliance and risk.

Proof Zero

Turn your data complexity into an opportunity with Proof Zero, an initiative by Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan that streamlines your data and fortifies cybersecurity.


Previance, founded by Sam Wong, is a compliance advisory and automation firm that combines risk management with digital transformation.


Founded by Christian Kengne and Lionel Tidjon, SEKOR AI provides cloud-based tools for AI solution audit and security in line with ethical standards.

Cycurid Technologies

Cycurid Technologies addresses digital identity’s major shortcomings with its software solutions.


Sofvie employs its risk management capabilities to provide business intelligence services, data compliance management, and similar services.

FinCrimeTech AI

Co-founded by Issa Berthe and John Doe, FinCrimeTech AI fights financial crime with its AI-Powered analytic SaaS platform.

Entuitive Compliance

Eric Hartley Gordon’s Entuitive Compliance offers insurtech software solutions for better operational efficiency & risk reduction.


Founded by James Mignacca, RootSecure offers a unique industry-leading CyberRisk Platform with comprehensive risk analytics and information security.

Blockhead Technologies

Blockhead Technologies, under the stewardship of Craig Parry founder and current chairman, and Greg Leach a founding board member and CE. Blockhead Technologies is a SaaS Compliance platform leveraging blockchain for supply chains.

Armour Cybersecurity

Armour Cybersecurity, David Chernitzky’s venture, offers a complete suite of cyber-managed services including risk management and penetration testing.


Simplifying airline compliance and record-keeping is AirTrail, offering aviation software tools for the aerospace industry.

These startups represent the innovative integrity safeguarding the vast online landscape. As they advance and protect Canada’s digitized economy, backers and customers alike can trust that their adherence to compliance standards will ensure a secure and efficient digital future.

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