Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Audio Tech Startups Innovating Sound?

As the world becomes more digitally focused, various industries are rapidly evolving to keep pace with technological advancements. Audio technology is one such industry where Canadian startups are making significant contributions. Notably, these startups are utilising machine learning, AI, and other innovative technologies to provide remarkable audio experiences. In this article, we will look at 15 intriguing Audio Startups from Canada.

From bionic ears to custom voice creation, these startups cater to an extensive range of audience needs. By growing their offerings and expanding their reach, these new companies contribute significantly to Canada’s tech sector. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast, investor, or someone interested in the startup ecosystem, these audio startups are indeed worth a watch.

So, let’s delve deeper to understand more about these pioneering ventures.


Founded by Naeem Komeilipoor, AAVAA has been making strides in the Audio, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Health Care, Human Computer Interaction, and Neuroscience sectors. They have developed a bionic ear, which reduces noise and works as a device correcting hearing impairment.

Resemble AI

At Resemble AI, co-founders Saqib Muhammad and Zohaib Ahmed have created custom voices using proprietary deep learning models producing realistic speech synthesis. They operate in the Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Machine Learning, Media, and Entertainment.

Ad Auris

Ad Auris, co-founded by Logan Underwood, Tina Haertel, and Varun D. Sharma, offers a narration tool that allows publishers to quickly convert their written content into seamless audio experiences. Their business spans the Advertising, Audio, and Software industries.


Lyrebird, founded by Alexandre De Brebisson, Jose Sotelo, and Kundan Kumar, provides a new generation of speech synthesis technologies for developers in the Artificial Intelligence, Audio, and Developer APIs sectors.


Co-founded by Norm Bogner and Raymond Sobol, Zerosound offers a two-part system of software and hardware in the Audio, Hardware, Product Design, and Software industries.

Agora Labs

Agora Labs provides a platform that allows web 3.0 creators to create scalable tokenized communities. They work in the Audio and Media and Entertainment industries.


Operating in the Audio, Film Distribution, Film Production, and Professional Services sectors, Diffuse offers turnkey content production and distribution services.

Flock Audio

Co-founded by Darren Nakonechny, Flock Audio is a pioneer in Audio, Electronics, Intelligent Systems, designing and developing patch systems.


Waveform is a full-service agency operating in the Audio, Digital Marketing, Events, and Social Media Marketing sectors. They guide clients on how to access the gaming industry.


Co-founded by Sonu Sinha, AudioMojo is an asset management company that offers music publishing, distribution, marketing, and promotional tools.

Upscale Technology

Upscale Technology offers software tools in the Mobile Apps, Music, Software, and Web Apps sectors. These tools assist musicians and sound engineers excel in their performances.


MindBites, co-founded by Christian Roy, Daniel Robichaud, and Laurent Maisonnave, offers a mobile app to listen to bite-sized learnings from the best podcast moments, assisting people to achieve their life goals.

Merchant Fraud Journal

Merchant Fraud Journal empowers online sellers to reduce the impact of eCommerce fraud on their businesses operating in the Audio, E-Commerce, Publishing, and Video sectors.

Deviant Noise Inc.

Founded by Omar Zulfi, Deviant Noise Inc. is a one-stop-shop for rappers, singers, songwriters, and music producers, assisting them in creating their best music.


Founded by Ami Asadi and Frank Goortani, along with Uldis Leiterts, Maktub provides Audiobooks and Podcasts designed particularly for Persian / Farsi speakers in North America and Europe.

In conclusion, these intriguing Audio Startups are proof that Canada’s tech scene is innovative and thriving. As they disrupt traditional norms and bring in innovative solutions, they are setting high standards for the future of audio technology. So, keep an eye on these to see how they shape the global audio industry in the times to come.

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