Which Toronto IoT Startups are Dominating the Canadian Tech Scene?

The great city of Toronto, known not only for its multicultural diversity but also for being a technology hub, is home to many innovative startups, particularly in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things refers to a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices. From streamlining property management to redefining the home-buying experience, these startups demonstrate how the Internet of Things can revolutionize various industries. Here are 15 paramount Internet of Things startups from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Mero Technologies

Founded by Cole MacDonald and Nathan Mah, Mero Technologies offers commercial facility analytics for property managers. They’ve developed a system that employs IoT in the real estate and analytics industries, making it easier for property managers to monitor their amenities. They exist within the analytics, internet of things, real estate, and software industries.


Doorr is an IoT startup that aims to reinvent the home buying experience. Founders Abbas Ali, Adam Hijleh, and Muhammad Rashid work within the financial services, FinTech, Internet, and Internet of Things industries. Using IoT, they provide a streamlined and accessible platform for buying homes.


BehrTech, founded by Albert Behr, provides a wireless connectivity platform that is purpose-built for massive-scale Industrial IoT networks. They exist within the realms of Information Technology, Internet of Things, Telecommunications, and Wireless industries.

Intelense Inc

Intelense Inc is an IoT startup that offers a SaaS-based AI platform for IoT devices. Anomaly detection and analytics are part of their services, and they focus on IoT devices, such as cameras and sensors. The company was founded by Dinesh Prasanna Arivalagan, and Sailesh Sasidharan.


TRACKiTT, founded by Akshay Vishwakarma and Gibran Kichlu, dubs itself as the “App Store for manufacturing”. Factories leverage the TRACKiTT’s app to speed up factory digitization. The startup is in the B2B, Industrial Automation, Internet, Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, and Software industries.


PAVE.AI, founded by Brian Steinhauser and Stephen Southin, is an IoT startup that enables anyone with a smartphone to complete a guided vehicle inspection by merely taking photos of their vehicle. They belong to the Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Internet of Things, Logistics, and Telecommunications industries.

PremiseHQ SaaS Inc

Founded by Rafi Dowla, PremiseHQ SaaS Inc is an IoT startup that facilitates Dynamic Data ingestion and integration to deploy Adaptive and/or conversational workflows.


Spornado, co-founded by Kristine White and Michael Saleh, is an early alert system for crop disease that detects disease in the field, thus helping farmers prevent crop failure. They belong within the agriculture, agtech, farming, greentech, information technology, Internet of Things, predictive analytics, and sustainability industries.


SocialBus is an intelligent app and platform for managing shuttle buses and vans, founded by Breno Assis and Guilherme Luiz Ferreira. Their smart solution is in the fleet management, hardware, information technology, Internet of Things, mobile apps, software, and transportation industries.


TLT CAPITAL, founded by Michael Brown, is an investor and advisor focussed on disruptive companies that pay dividends to society. They focus on the cleanTech, consumer, financial services, food and beverage, Internet, Internet of Things, and life science industries.

Sonnet Labs

Founded by Boken Lin, Junmin Guo, and Randolf Gioro, Sonnet Labs uses a long-range mesh network to establish connectivity when existing communications infrastructure is unavailable.


Attrava serves as a technology company that supports businesses using the cloud and artificial intelligence to increase their efficiency. They operate under the apps, artificial intelligence, information technology, and Internet of Things industries.


TNGOne, founded by Aneesh Mohanachandran Nair and Thankachan Vanthuparambil Chacko, offers online ordering, table reservation, and loyalty software services for local restaurants. They fall within the consulting, information technology, Internet of Things, mobile apps, reservations, software, and web development industries.


WaypointAR, founded by Sabarish Gnanamoorthy, is aiming to change the way people get around using augmented reality. They exist within the information technology, Internet of Things, and location-based services industries.


Founders Clarence Boey and Michael Ford created PuffAdvisor, a globally curated marketplace for cannabis accommodations and experiences. They fall under the e-commerce, Internet of Things, and travel industries.

To conclude, these Toronto-based startups highlight the remarkable ways IoT can be utilized to elevate various industries. From improving farming techniques to revolutionizing transportation, these startups showcase the transformative potential that IoT holds. Evidently, Toronto’s IoT scene is thriving, making it an exciting city for any tech enthusiast.

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