Who Are Toronto’s Most Influential Food Delivery Startups in 2023?

As Toronto, Ontario, the third-largest tech hub in North America, continues to thrive, food tech entrepreneurs have been doing something truly appetizing in the startup scene. Whether it’s providing fresh and locally sourced ingredients or revolutionizing the way we grocery shop, these exciting startups are altering the way we think about food delivery. Let’s take a look at 15 noteworthy food delivery startups adding more flavor to the Toronto ecosystem.

Each of these food delivery startups in Toronto has its unique approach, innovative technology, and the sheer passion to level up the food delivery experience in the city. From homemade meals to on-demand ethnic groceries, these startups cater to varying palates and preferences.

While some are leveraging technology to automate food preparation, others are building robust supply chains to speed up food delivery. Irrespective of their focus area, these Ontario-bred businesses are making an impressive mark within the Canadian Tech Ecosystem, indicating a promising future for Canada’s culinary landscape.


Cookin is a food delivery marketplace, connecting consumers to home-cooked meal providers. Founded by Michael Baruch, Morley Ivers, and Philip Yuzpe, this platform allows individuals to discover a range of home-style meals delivered right onto their doorsteps.

Ninja Delivery

Ninja Delivery provides door-to-door delivery for food, beverages, and even essential household items. This startup’s e-commerce website simplifies the buying process, making it a popular choice amongst busy Torontonians.


Founded by Donald Cheung, CookOut is a homemade food delivery platform that successfully integrates social media elements, enabling food creators to sell their dishes directly to consumers.


The SPATULA Foods platform bridges the gap between chefs and consumers, offering high-quality meals and food products through their chef-to-consumer marketplace.


Co-founded by Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre, Relocalize is revolutionizing the food industry by building micro-factories for food, integrating several tech fields like automation, hardware, and robotics.

Snap Shop

Snap Shop founded by Talha Khan, offers a convenience store in your pocket, focused on food delivery and other essential delivery services, giving easy access to all needs.

Revive Superfoods

Revive Superfoods co-founded by Anis Barakat, Nour Kaiss Soliman, and Yousuf Soliman specializes in delivering frozen superfoods. They provide pre-proportioned smoothies, oats, and more straight to customers’ doors.

Pumpkin Kart

Pumpkin Kart is an on-demand food and grocery delivery service, specializing in ethnic food offerings. Founders Philip Correya and Visal Varghese have focused on bringing ethnic flavors to your doorstep at any time.


Tre’dish leads the game in home-cooked meal delivery service. This startup focuses exclusively on delivering home-cooked meals, catering to those longing for a homely eating experience.


ZipLunch, co-founded by Maj Martin Qureshi and Majdi Alnabih, is capitalizing on restaurants’ downtime by quickening food deliveries, making lunch hours truly satisfying for Toronto’s workforce.


Savoz, founded by Yasear Saad, allows consumers to buy groceries and household essentials at wholesale prices. The startup cleverly combines e-commerce, food delivery, and groceries to serve its customers.

Local Driver

Local Driver, a cooperative led by Ahmed Attia, AJ Calloway, and Al Norman, sets itself apart by being a driver-owned ride-hailing and delivery platform.

Wanda Technologies

Wanda Technologies is a virtual grocery store delivering groceries directly to the residents’ fridge. By integrating e-commerce and logistics, Wanda is changing the grocery delivery game in Toronto.

Famate Inc.

Famate Inc. provides a virtual market platform, making the purchase of groceries and dairy products from local stores a seamless experience. This startup’s commitment to e-commerce, food delivery, and virtual technology is causing a splash in the industry.


Founded by Eric Khairy, MealTec is a Food Tech company offering a fully automated home cooking solution. By leveraging cooking, food and beverage, and food delivery technologies, MealTec is a power player in the Toronto food tech ecosystem.

These food delivery startups out of Toronto exemplify how technology coupled with an understanding of the local culinary landscape can deliver distinctive and delectable food experiences. It’s not just the diverse food, but also the innovation driving the delivery that puts Toronto’s food delivery startups distinctly on the food tech map, right at the heart of Canada’s bustling startup ecosystem.

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