Which Toronto Robotics Startups are Reshaping Canada’s Tech Industry in 2023?

As Canadian tech innovation continues to make its mark on the global stage, Toronto, Ontario, in particular, has made a name for itself as a leading incubator for remarkable startups. In recent years the city has turned into a fertile ground for robotics startups, with companies harnessing advanced technology to address real-world problems. In this feature, we spotlight some of the most innovative robotics startups that call Toronto home. These companies are making substantial strides in fields as diverse as healthcare, food production, sports tech, and beyond.

Able Innovations

Founded by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang, Able Innovations is at the intersection of Computer Vision, Health Care, Medical Device, Robotics, and Social Impact. The company develops robotic medical devices to solve the significant issue of patient transfer in healthcare, notoriously known for being both painful and inefficient.


Under the leadership of Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre, Relocalize has created a niche for itself in the field of consumer goods. The startup builds micro-factories for food, combining the expertise in various domains including Food Delivery, Food Processing, Hardware, Industrial, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, Retail Technology, and Robotics.

Lemurian Labs

Lemurian Labs, co-founded by Jay Dawani and Vassil Dimitrov, specializes in developing high-performance programmable hardware accelerators for edge AI and robotics workloads. The startup has a heavy focus on ASIC, AI, Electronics, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Semiconductor industry.

Revolve Surgical

Founded by Alex Gordon, Matthew Kang, and Peter Francis, Revolve Surgical is a notable player in the medical robotics field. The firm is developing surgical robots with the potential to revolutionize operations for surgeons and patients alike.

Tiny Mile

Tiny Mile, led by Ignacio Tartavull, is making strides in the delivery industry. This first- and last-mile delivery company utilizes delivery robots in a bid to reduce both the carbon footprint and delivery costs to consumers.

SBX Robotics

Founders Ian Dewancker and Josh Kuntz are pushing the boundaries of AI and machine learning through their company SBX Robotics. Their focus is on creating synthetic data to improve computer vision applications.


Ribbit, founded by Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang, operates in the fascinating nexus of aerospace, autonomous vehicles, logistics, robotics, and transportation. They help clients start and operate their own pilotless airlines.

Promise Robotics

Under the stewardship of Ramtin Attar and Reza Nasseri, Promise Robotics combines the power of Robotics, AI, Cloud Technology, and SaaS to offer RaaS (Robotics as a Service), which aims to revolutionize constructions and industrial robotics.

Trajekt Sports

Trajekt Sports is a startup co-founded by Joshua Pope and Rowan Ferrabee. It is revolutionizing professional sports by leveraging the latest in engineering technology and robotics.


Athena, led by Anna Feshchenko, is building a universal platform of autonomous collaborative robots, marking the confluence of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


CakeAI, founded by Andrew Ricchetti, uses Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to drive Insights and Innovation within Robotics and Machine Learning domains.

Axis Control Solutions

Axis Control Solutions is an engineering company offering project management assistance, CNC, and robots software development services, specializing in Industrial Engineering and Robotics.

Empirical Automation

Empirical Automation provides industrial robotic hardware, programming, and integration services for business automation, focusing on Industrial Automation and Robotics.

Malsupra Ltd.

Malsupra Ltd., founded by Rob Winn, is a niche IT broker targeting hard-to-source hardware, software, and professional services, apart from Robotics and Wearables.

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