Which Toronto Startups are Transforming Canada’s Telecommunications Landscape in 2023?

The city of Toronto, Ontario – home to a vibrant startup ecosystem. This bustling metropolis hosts an impressive array of innovative companies working in various sectors, including telecommunications. This particular field has seen remarkable growth and advancement, powered by the drive and creativity of entrepreneurs in the area. Today, we delve into fifteen notable telecommunications startups based in Toronto that are disrupting the industry with their unique solutions.

From wireless connectivity platforms designed for large-scale IoT networks; to AI-driven vehicle inspection solutions; telecommunications sector in Toronto is expanding beyond traditional membranes. New startups are not merely focused on improving existing services or products but creating a completely new user experience. Let’s have a look at their exciting new technologies and enhancements.

Whether they are providing infrastructure services for smart building automation, IoT, or revolutionizing the way we manage business communications with virtual receptionist services; these startups are redefining the telecommunication playing field. Here are 15 startups from Toronto that are at the forefront of this evolution.


BehrTech was founded by Albert Behr. Its primary product is a wireless connectivity platform which was explicitly developed for Industrial IoT (IIoT) networks of massive scale, categorizing the company under Information Technology, Internet of Things, Telecommunications, and Wireless industries.


Dotmobile is on a mission to create Canada’s newest wireless service provider. The company, co-founded by Alex Bauman and Algis Akstinas, belongs to the Telecommunications industry.


Founded by Brian Steinhauser and Stephen Southin, PAVE.AI allows anyone with a smartphone to conduct a thorough vehicle inspection by merely taking photos, positioning the company in the Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Internet of Things, Logistics, and Telecommunications sectors.


Offering digital infrastructure services for IoT, Industrial IoT, Smart Building Automation, and 5G, Andorix is a startup established by Shaul Swartz and Wayne Kim operating under the Telecommunications, Wired Telecommunications, and Wireless industries.

Veta Virtual Receptionist

Veta Virtual Receptionist serves as a virtual assistant company catering primarily to small and medium businesses. Andy Fang founded the startup that spans various industries such as Consulting, E-Commerce, Email, IT, Internet, Local Business, Marketing, Software, Telecommunications, and Virtual Assistant industry.


The anonymous founders of Flockrush in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, and Telecommunications are making strides to develop AI for better and faster predictions.


ZOLEO, despite having anonymous founders, stands out for its pioneering work in developing consumer-oriented global messaging solutions in the Telecommunications industry.


Founded by Antonios Marios Karantonis, HideVPN aspires to be the leading home-friendly VPN service in Information Technology and Telecommunications.


Aircoins, situated in the ICT, Telecommunications, and Wired Telecommunications industries, has made a mark by innovatively introducing Crypto in Augmented Reality.

1pbx Solutions

Funded by Aaron Shames, 1pbx Solutions aims to provide the most suitable VoIP solutions in the Telecommunications field.


NURL, co-founded by Shauna O’Flaherty, utilizes proprietary AI models to increase efficiency, safety, and financial returns for smart cities, telecom, mobility, and security.


CompanyTone offers extensive telecommunication services including unlimited extensions, audio compression, voice mail, paging, intercom, call transfer, queues, and forwarding.


AWITEL, professional services company provides consulting, development, integration, deployment, and Testing Services in the wireless industry.

All City Unified Communications

All City Unified Communications is a telecommunications company located in Toronto, operating in Communication Hardware, and Telecommunications.


Last but not least, XpressPhone founded by Laurentiu Matei develops an E-commerce platform while functioning in the E-Commerce, and Telecommunications industry.

The future of telecommunications is bright in Toronto, with these startups leading the charge. Coupling modern technological advancements with innovative business practices, they are set to continue transforming the way we communicate, both personally and professionally. The vibrant startup ecosystem of Toronto certainly makes it a city to watch in the telecommunications sector.

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