Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Gaming Startups in 2023?

In the thriving ecosystem of startups, Vancouver, British Columbia has become a hot bed for gaming enthusiasts with the emergence of several innovative gaming startups. These promising ventures explore everything from video games, online games, eSports, and blockchain games to gaming platforms, providing an extensive array of choice for both gamers and investors. Here in this article, we delve into 15 intriguing gaming startups from Vancouver that are leaving remarkable footprints in the gaming world.

The gaming industry in Vancouver is soaring to new heights with these startups that are not just focusing on creating games but also incorporating advanced technologies. The gaming industry is not merely about entertainment anymore. It expands to areas such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, social networks, education, e-commerce, and even fitness and sports. This expansion has given birth to some captivating gaming startups.

The following 15 startups represent the heart of Vancouver’s dynamic gaming scene. They incorporate the perfect blend of technology and creativity, providing a unique gaming experience. Each startup is innovative, with its unique ability to provide a fresh perspective to the gaming industry. Without further ado, let’s delve into these outstanding gaming startups.

Graffiti Games

With a team composed of industry veterans, Graffiti Games is an independent video game publisher rocking the video gaming world. The venture is founded by Alex Josef, Alex Lepp, and Mihalis Belantis.


GameOn, established by Matt Bailey, is moving closer to the future of fan engagement. Its wide array of applications extends from mobile apps to online games and even cryptocurrency.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

Combining the realm of gaming and media, X1 Esports and Entertainment, founded by Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein, emphasizes both video games and content creator industries.


Based on game-based learning and assessment platform for soft skills, SoftServe created by Annee Ngo, Matthew Jones, and Rukshana Hassanali, offers an innovative approach to education.


Offering a new form of entertainment through a social media application, DistantTwins is the ingenious invention of Andrew Hanlon.

LEAF Mobile

LEAF Mobile crafted by Darcy Taylor, is a group that creates engrossing mobile games that foster enduring player loyalty.


Focusing on gamers, Insights.gg is an eSports coaching platform developed by Jim Ko, John Kim, and Kevin H.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc

Providing a tech platform for skill-based gaming, Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc extends its capacities to eCommerce and video games.

Tiny Colony

Providing a specialized gaming platform for blockchain games, Tiny Colony provides a unique opportunity for users to enjoy web3 experience.

Ludare Games Group

Operating network of ventures in the game ecosystem, Ludare Games Group provides a business intelligence perspective to gaming.


Combining fitness, sports, and gaming, Palocam by Miguel Hernandez offers a unique pole-climbing solution to record sports events.

Redstone Interactive

Focusing to create original gaming experiences, Redstone Interactive also places great emphasis on community engagement.

Spire Management

Spire Management by Robert Wells commits to connect and empower video game content creators with apt sponsors and connections.

True Axion Games Ltd

True Axion Games Ltd, a joint venture by Jonathan Chen, Mark Henry Saft, and Nithinan Jessie Boonyawattanapisut is a subsidiary of Axion Interactive and True Incube. It leads the way in the internet gaming industry.


Founded by Farbod Daryaei, Dox, a cloud-based gaming bio platform hosts a variety of games.

These noteworthy startups are rapidly reshaping the landscape of the gaming industry in Vancouver. By incorporating advanced technologies and serving a diverse array of sectors within the gaming world, they have left an enduring mark in the gaming industry. As they continue to innovate and evolve, the future of gaming in Vancouver indeed seems bright.

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