Which Are Vancouver’s Most Influential Business Development Startups in 2023?

Vancouver, the most populous city in British Columbia, Canada, has cemented itself as a hotbed for startup activities. With its diverse economy, world-class talent, and supportive tech scene, the city has birthed several exciting business development startups. Let’s take a dive into a variety of these companies that range from gold exploration firms to management consulting services.

Startups have continuously chosen Vancouver as the base for launching their ventures, and a look at the thriving ecosystem tells why. The city offers a conducive environment that nurtures innovation, has a vibrant technology scene, access to venture capital, and it’s not too shabby that Vancouver regularly features among the cities with the highest quality of life globally.

In this article, we will explore 15 unique business development startups in Vancouver. They exemplify the dynamism, innovation, and resilience that is characteristic of the city’s startup scene. Links to their websites are provided for those interested in learning more about these innovative companies.

Ngex Minerals

Ngex Minerals is a business development firm focused on the exploration of copper and gold. Founded by Wojtek Wodzicki, this startup operates within the precious metals and mineral industry.

Aldebaran Resources

In the mineral and mining sector, Aldebaran Resources stands out. This mineral exploration company, co-founded by Mark Wayne, is engaged in the copper mining business sector.

Coho Collective Kitchens

Breaking away from minerals and metals, Coho Collective Kitchens operates as a commissary kitchen, offering innovation in the Food and Beverage industry and providing unique approaches to Marketing.


SFU LYFE, founded by Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer, is a personal and professional development platform aimed at helping individuals grow, connect, and have fun in a balanced way. Their work spans multiple industries, including Career Planning, Personal Development, and Professional Networking among others.


Specializing in workforce management software, KayaPush is carving a niche in the cannabis retail stores sector. Founded by Danny Lum, it offers business development solutions in HR and Software.

Root Evolution

Root Evolution is in the business of creating custom applications designed specifically for business management and process automation. It falls within the Information Technology industry.

The Land Administration

Providing land administration solutions to jurisdictions is The Land Administration. Founded by Steve Smith, this startup makes waves in the Real Estate and Project Management sectors.

Baron Group

Baron Group offers advisory and management services, helping companies realize their full business venture potentials. Their main focus lands within the Finance and Management Consulting industries.

Leading Places

Specializing in market research, Leading Places concentrates on digital communication, market transformation, and destination marketing within the Business Intelligence and Information Services sectors.

Whitehorse Gold

Focusing on the Skukum Gold Project, Whitehorse Gold is a mineral exploration and development company in the Mining and Precious Metals industries.

Digital257 Technologies

A digital marketing firm founded by Dylan Berg, Digital257 Technologies offers a newer perspective in the Consulting and Digital Marketing sectors.

Mossy Digital

Mossy Digital is in the business of digital marketing, sales automation and business development. They also offer advertising and consultancy services.


International relations and career opportunities are the focus of GM CO. PVT.. This startup, founded by Mohammad Naseem, operates in several industries including B2B, Marketing, and Project Management.


Hyperminds is a management consulting firm that deals with brand marketing and leadership development services. They specialize in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Management Consulting amongst others.

Qatalyst Research

Last but not least, Qatalyst Research is a management consulting services firm. Part of the firms’ offering includes services within the Marketing and Project Management sectors.

These startups bear testament to the dynamic and diverse business development environment that Vancouver offers. They are innovatively tackling challenges and creating solutions that contribute toward a resilient and sustainable economy.

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