Who Are Vancouver’s Top Influential Security Startups in Canada 2023?

The burgeoning cybersecurity industry in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is gradually moving to the forefront, developing innovative technologies to address prevalent challenges related to data protection and online security in various industries. Empowered by a rich tech ecosystem and government support, these startups are making strides in their respective arenas offering groundbreaking security solutions. In this article we will be looking at fifteen such startups that are transforming the cybersecurity landscape in Vancouver.

From developing customized software to secure physical assets and virtual identities, to creating encryption services and multi-factor credentials for secure access, these startups are on an innovative journey to secure a digital future. By focussing on areas such as privacy management, cloud security, network security and cyber security amongst others, these startups are engineering tools designed for the prevention and management of security breaches, while guarding critical data assets.

The rise of cyber threats in recent years has necessitated the constant evolution of cybersecurity strategies. The startups in this segment, with their out-of-the-box solutions and cutting-edge technology, are not only gearing up to combat these threats but also to reshape the digital security structure across various industry verticals. Let’s delve into how fifteen Vancouver-based cybersecurity startups are making a global impact with their innovative solutions.


Quickpass is a privileged access management platform specifically designed for managed service providers. Spearheading a forward-moving path in the computer, cyber-security, and software industry, Quickpass is unrelenting in its quest to deliver uncompromised security solutions. More info at https://www.getquickpass.com.


Kobalt, founded by Boris Wertz, Michael Argast and Pankaj Agarwal, offers efficient cyber security programs essential to cloud security, cybersecurity, enterprise, and information technology. Learn more at https://kobalt.io.

Cycurid Technologies

Pioneering in the creation of software solutions aimed at overcoming shortcomings in digital identity, Cycurid Technologies has etched its prominence in the Blockchain, Compliance, Cryptocurrency, Identity Management, Privacy, Security, and Software industry. Their website: https://cycurid.com.

Forward Security

Forward Security, a trailblazer in the computer and network security industry, provides robust security solutions for the finance, health, technology, and utilities industries. Get more details at https://forwardsecurity.com.

OneComply Inc

Founded by Cameron B. Conn, OneComply Inc specializes in data security & encryption services, authentication, external security audits, and data backup & replication. Visit their website: https://onecomply.com/.

Local Security

Local Security is a trendsetter in the field of advanced video surveillance and alarm management technology services. Discover more at https://www.localsecurity.org.

UCW Labs Ltd.

Renowned for its key services in IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, custom hardware design, IoT integration, and custom software development, UCW Labs Ltd. stands out in the crowded tech market. Check more at https://ucwlabs.com.

Verilog Solutions

Verilog Solutions positions itself as a full-stack Web3 Security Firm, excelling in Blockchain and Cyber Security. Visit their website: https://www.verilog.solutions/.

Active Witness

Founded by Rob Bakshi, Active Witness is a cloud-based Access Control manufacturer that leverages multi-factor credentials for secure facility access. Further information at http://www.activewitness.com/.

Styx Intelligence

Styx Intelligence, founded by Karim Ladha, develops a digital risk protection platform that proactively safeguards assets against cyber and digital risks. Discover more at https://styxintel.com.

VPN Technologies

Founded by Paul Dickson, VPN Technologies offers virtual private network services to individuals inclined to protect their identity and personal data on the internet. More information at https://www.vpntech.ca/.

Supercluster Cybersecurity Alliance

Supercluster Cybersecurity Alliance’s vision is to deliver easy-to-use, deployable cloud security solutions that are designed to amplify security measures. They are pivotal players in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, Security, and Software industry.

Cloud Architects

Founded by Sean Mehrabi, Cloud Architects specializes in providing business cloud solutions and has expertise in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud architecture.https://www.cloudarchitects.expert/.


Wildrook enables security professionals and developers to detect and defend vulnerable applications and systems in the cloud. Benefit from their expertise at https://www.wildrook.com/.


ABRA, specializing in security, surveillance systems, e-commerce, retail management, and legal services, confidently positions itself as a unique player in the investment industry. Learn more at https://abrainvest.com/.

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