Which Toronto Social Network Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Digital Landscape?

Canada has always been a hot-bed for innovation and startups with Toronto taking the lead. The city’s vibrant energy and dynamic spirit has fostered a diverse range of startups, particularly in the social networking space. These startups are revolutionizing the way we interact with each other, from friendships to professional networking, from communities to e-commerce. Below, we present 15 intriguing social network startups from Toronto that are pushing the envelope in their respective fields.

These startups are fostering a whole new generation of social interaction platforms, engaging users in fresh and exciting ways. They have successfully harnessed the power of technology to create unique tools that bring people together, emphasizing the importance of social relationships even amidst a digital age. Here, we delve deep into each of these startups, exploring their mission, industry, and founders to bring you a comprehensive picture of Toronto’s new-age social network scene.

The startups featured range from powerful community platforms to gaming-oriented social networks, from digital playgrounds for sports fans to exclusive networks for couples. Each of them carries a unique approach to their vision, underlining how creative individuals and businesses are leveraging technology to fuel innovation in networking and social interaction.


Bettermode dubs itself as a powerful community platform integrated into your product for increasing user engagement, retention and lifetime value. It operates in industries like Communities, Content Marketing, Customer Service, SaaS, Social CRM, Social Network and Software. Founders Mohsen Malayeri, Siavash Mahmoudian, and Soheil Alavi are the brains behind this innovative venture.

Stadium Live Studios

Providing a digital playground for fans across sports and culture, Stadium Live Studios is an out-of-the-box intriguing platform. It’s a significant player in the eSports, Fantasy Sports, Generation Z, Mobile Apps, Social Network and Sports industries. Kevin D.H Kim and Paul Xu are the visionaries behind the venture.


TriplePlay is a stimulating virtual social network, allowing users to meet new people through appealing games. Founders Mark Hlady and Yuri Takhteyev have brought this innovative concept to the Reality in the Internet, Social, and Social Network space.

Rally Video

Offering dynamic video hosting, networking, and virtual events for social groups, Rally Video is making waves in Professional Networking, Social Network, and Video industries. Founders Ali Jiwani, Amy Liu, and Anson Kao have driven the company’s success in the social networking space.


Cast has made its mark as the ‘Social Voting App,’ applying the potent blend of Mobile, Social, Social Media, and Social Network industries. David Banwat, George Boutsalis, and Richard Liorti are the pioneers behind this unique startup.


Primarily targeting Generation Z, Happin has become quite a phenomenon as a social hang-out platform. It operates primarily within the Consumer, Generation Z, Social Media, and Social Network industries.


TapeReal.com is a mobile app that encourages the creator’s economy. It works in industries like Content Creators, Information Technology, Mobile, Podcast, Social Media, Social Network, Software, Video, and Video on Demand. The startup credits its growth and success to its founder, Ali Shah.


Operating in a wide array of businesses like VR, AR, Game, Ctypto, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, DeFi, Decentralization, Metaghiti is a virtual force to reckon with. Hosein Moazzen spearheads this unique startup.


Shomigo consolidates the e-commerce market and fosters social interactions, effectively bridging the gap between social media and e-commerce. Alykhan Kara has played a pivotal role in the conception and growth of this innovative startup.


Naborino, a community group buying platform, facilitates connections between individuals and businesses. The startup operates within the Communities, E-Commerce, Group Buying, Property Management, Sharing Economy, and Social Network industries, under the leadership of Dan Flatt.

OOt Social

Facilitating on-demand communities and friendships, OOt Social’s mobile app leverages social map technology, helping people discover others with similar interests. Kaela Gordon Gordon, Paul Gries, and Thyagi DeLanerolle are the visionaries behind this innovative approach to social networking.


As a mobile application, Truphle operates within industries like Dating, Food and Beverage, Mobile Apps, Social Network, and Software. Darshan Patel has been instrumental in steering the success of this unique startup.


As an AI matchmaking platform for like-minded gamers, AIO carves a niche in Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, Machine Learning, Messaging, Social Network, and Video Games spheres. Vladimir Rigenco drives the initiative with his innovative vision and leadership.


Pools is enticing for those keen on social investing and trading. It is an influential player in the Financial Services, Mobile Apps, Social Impact, Social Media, Social Network, and Trading Platform industries. Josh Rozin has been instrumental in the growth of this forward-thinking startup.


Couply holds the distinction of being a bespoke app for couples, offering personalized date ideas, relationship advice, and gift suggestions. The startup thrives under the leadership of Denesh Raymond and Tim Johnson in the Online Portals and Social Network fields.

In conclusion, these Toronto-based startups perfectly embody Canada’s vibrant startup scene. Each of these ventures shows innovation in leveraging technology to facilitate social interactions. By blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms, these startups exemplify the potential of social networking in the modern world.

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