Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Manufacturing Startups in 2023?

In the heart of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia is becoming a hub for cutting-edge startups, especially in the manufacturing industry. These startups are innovating in a variety of fields, from AI and machine learning to sustainable fashion and 3D printing – and even cannabis. This article will provide an overview of 15 of the most promising manufacturing startups to watch in Vancouver, showcasing their profiles and exciting developments.

Manufacturing startups in Vancouver are not just making products. They are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing processes through technology advancements and capitalizing on new market opportunities. From creating sustainable shoes and plant-based proteins to developing medical cannabis products, the breadth of their innovation is indeed remarkable.

The following manufacturing startups are making strides in their respective industries, pushing boundaries, and transforming the economy of Vancouver, BC. So, without further ado, let’s delve into these trailblazing startups:

Xebra Brands

Xebra Brands is a cannabis cultivation and product company holding global brands and intellectual property. They operate in the Cannabis, Industrial Manufacturing, and Manufacturing industries. The founders of Xebra Brands are Rodrigo Gallardo and Todd Dalotto.

Apera AI

Dedicated to developing robot vision intelligence software is Apera AI. This startup is perfect for manufacturing settings where speed and precision are vital. The company is the brainchild of Armin Khatoonabadi and Sina Afrooze.

TMRW Foods

TMRW Foods is a Canadian producer of plant-based proteins, operating out of their wholly owned HACCP certified facility. It was founded by an innovator in Food and Beverage, Manufacturing industry Dean Blignaut.


Accelovant produces high-quality fiber optic temperature sensors within the Manufacturing, Semiconductor, and Test and Measurement industries.

Vessi Footwear

Vessi is a footwear manufacturing company that specializes in moisture-wicking shoes that are incredibly lightweight. This sustainable fashion brand was founded by Andy Wang and Tony Yu.

BevCanna Enterprises

BevCanna Enterprises specializes in developing and manufacturing cannabinoid-infused beverages and consumer products. The company was founded by Marcello Leone.

Pantheon Design

Pantheon Design is leading the 3D printing revolution with systems that offer speed, end-use quality parts, and reliability.


3DQue’s 3D printer automation technology assists clients in reducing costs and their carbon footprint. Mateo Pekic and Steph Sharp founded this tech-based startup in the manufacturing industry.

Plantee Bioplastics

Plantee Bioplastics develops biodegradable plastic products and creates intellectual property. This startup in the biotechnology and plastics industry was developed by Praphulla Tiwary and Prashant Agrawal.


Cellulotech is focused on sustainable barrier nanotechnology, catering to a variety of industries including Advanced Materials, Chemical, Nanotechnology, Packaging Services, Paper Manufacturing, and Sustainability.

Calmura Natural Walls Inc.

Calmura Natural Walls has pioneered a factory-produced and certified natural wall system for residential projects, making strides in the CleanTech, Construction, Green Building, and Manufacturing sectors.

Cannamerica Brands

Cannamerica Brands offers manufacturing and distributing services for their products in the Cannabis, Manufacturing, and Wholesale industries. This startup was founded by Dan Anglin.


Altro is a custom label printer that designs and develops custom packaging tapes, In-mold labels, shrink sleeves, and thermal ribbons.

BioForm Solutions

BioForm Solutions provides an inexpensive and straightforward way for brands to create diverse home compostable products, contributing positively to sustainability.

NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc.

NanoTerraTech creates innovative carbon materials from sustainable biomass, making a significant impact in the CleanTech and Sustainability sectors. The company was founded by Connie Ekelund and Scott Farnham.

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