Which Toronto Supply Chain Startups are Influencing Canada’s Market in 2023?

Toronto, Ontario is emerging as a booming hub for Supply Chain Management startups, housing an array of innovative startups revolutionizing the sector in varying capacities. These startups are providing unique, scalable, and reliable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Right from disrupting traditional supply chains to streamlining production management, easing out logistics, and even making in-roads into specialized sectors such as Cannabis Management and Carbon Footprint, these startups are all set to redefine the way businesses operate.

As digitization continues to drive the business world, these startups have capitalized on the opportunity to bring about rapid infrastructural and operational improvements across various industries. Enabling companies to save resources, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity, these startups are building a significant user base and generating considerable traction in their respective industries.

This article dives into each of these startups, shedding light on their origins, offerings, founders and the industries they serve.


Boxhub is a leading online platform with a mission to revolutionize the way intermodal shipping containers are traded, transported, and used. Founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, Boxhub serves industries like E-Commerce, Industrial, Internet, Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, and Shipping, with its innovative Supply Chain Management solutions.


Created by Andrew Wilson, GrowerIQ is a Cannabis Management Platform serving the Cannabis, Compliance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software, and Supply Chain Management Industries. This platform has created a unique space in the industry, introducing tech-driven solutions to cannabis management.

Tab Commerce

Tab Commerce, co-founded by Sam Unterman and Ty Wilson, is modernizing how restaurants and their suppliers do business serving the Food and Beverage, Payments, and Supply Chain Management industries.

Indie Tech

Co-founded by Sophia G. Contreras Stone, Indie Tech is an innovative supplier management system serving a range of industries such as Enterprise Software, FinTech, Management Consulting, Marketplace, Risk Management, and Supply Chain Management.

NuPort Robotics

Established by Bao Xin Chen and Raghavender Sahdev, NuPort Robotics is an Autonomous Driving company revolutionizing the Logistics and Supply Chain Management sectors.


Available at Calico’s website, this startup offers a smart production management platform to help brands get to market faster and with fewer production errors. They serve the Fashion, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Textiles industries.


Shipvista, established by Kelvin oben, aims to be your smart shipping partner. They cater to the B2B, E-Commerce, Logistics, Shipping, Software, Supply Chain Management industries.


Founded by Allan E., Mario Escoto Damas, and Mario Vasquez, BeltecHub™ is a technology-driven Manufacturing Hub for Industrial belting, Automation & MRO supplies. It serves multiple industries including Business Development, Industrial Manufacturing, and more.

Gray Routes AI

Gray Routes AI, co-founded by Sapna Patel and Soubhagya Sahoo, utilizes AI to predict and optimize demand variations. They cater to the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, Supply Chain Management industries.

Grain Discovery

Co-founded by Peter Vincent, Rory O’Sullivan, and Ruairi Hanafin, Grain Discovery simplifies the agriculture supply chain. It serves the Agriculture, Blockchain, FinTech, Marketplace, and Supply Chain Management industries.


Established by Lakhveer Singh Jajj and Traci Cheng, Moselle helps businesses streamline the sourcing, ordering, and scheduling of goods from suppliers. They cater to the E-Commerce, Small and Medium Businesses, Software, Supply Chain Management industries.


Cargoflip, co-founded by Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur, is a one-stop solution helping businesses manage their international shipments. They serve the Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management sectors.


Co-founded by Nick Sheahan, Nicola Craig, and Sam Anderson, CarbonGraph allows businesses to measure and share their carbon footprint in a standard format. They cater to the Infrastructure, Software, Supply Chain Management industries.


Established by Heiner Murmann, Orkestra is a Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting & Technology Company serving the Consulting, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management industries.


Co-founded by Ganesh Krishnan, Matt Ward, and Sdy Pools, AiHello offers Amazon Ads Automation to help grow your revenues, reduce work hours spent on ads management and decrease your ad costs. They serve the Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing sectors.

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