Revolutionizing Energy: Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Green Startups?

Just as the sun never sets, the world of start-ups is always ripe with innovation and unparalleled vigour. At the helm of this exciting venture, Vancouver-based energy start-ups not only drive the economy but also propound the need for renewable energy, clean technology and sustainability. Today, we peel back the layers of the journey of 15 intriguing energy start-ups from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that are making an impact in their respective industry sectors.

From innovative ion-exchange materials to machine learning algorithms for energy efficiency, these start-ups are playing an active role in reshaping our approach to energy consumption and production. Their quest for sustainable solutions compels changes across various strata of society, demonstrating the immense potential energy start-ups hold.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of these dynamic energy start-ups, exploring their origins, their mission, and their contribution towards placing Vancouver firmly on the global energy map.


Founded by Benjamin Britton and Bill Haberlin, Ionomr is spearheading the innovative realm of ion-exchange materials through their breakthrough products, Aemion™ & Pemion™. These materials are propelling clean technology applications involving electrochemistry. By leveraging expertise in Advanced Materials, Battery, Chemical, Clean Energy, Electronics, Fuel Cell, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Water, and Water Purification industries, Ionomr is making significant strides in environmental sustainability.


Daanaa, spearheaded by Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, boasts proprietary semiconductor technology that delivers power transactions in both AC/DC modes, independent of medium or modality. Be it wired or wireless, Daanaa’s technology remains highly efficient, carving an indelible mark in the Battery, Clean Energy, Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicle, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors.

VRB Energy

As a global leader in vanadium redox battery technology, VRB Energy is on a mission to empower a clean energy future for the world. With a focus on Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy, it is hard at work maximizing the potential of clean energy solutions.

MCF Energy

MCF Energy, a standout in the energy sector, focuses on the identification, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties. Their contribution to the Energy, Energy Management, Oil and Gas, and Precious Metals industry is noteworthy and continues to develop at an impressive pace.

NeoGreen Hydrogen

NeoGreen Hydrogen is a major player in the development of large-scale green hydrogen, particularly focusing on emerging markets. Active in the Industrial, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability sectors, they’re making hydrogen a cornerstone of clean energy’s future.

Nova Royalty

Founded by Alex Tsukernik, Nova Royalty is focused on procuring royalties on deposits of copper and nickel. Their operations span the Energy, Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals industries, propelling the growth of the green economy.

EverGen Infrastructure

Under the leadership of Chase Edgelow and Mischa Zajtmann, EverGen aims to acquire, develop, build, own and operate a portfolio of Renewable Natural Gas, waste to energy, and related infrastructure projects. With a clear focus on the Energy, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy sectors, EverGen is redefining the future of energy infrastructure.

Viridis Research

A standout in the water treatment & recycling industry, Viridis Research is working towards transforming and correcting systemic socio-economic water problems. With their expertise in Biotechnology, Electronics, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, and Water Purification, Viridis is poised to redefine sustainable water management.


By providing expert advice in developing, financing, and operating renewable energy projects, Powertrust stands as an influential entity in the Consulting, Energy, and Renewable Energy sectors.

Hertz Lithium

A pioneer in sustainable lithium resource investment and extraction, Hertz Lithium is widening its impact in the Mineral, Mining, and Renewable Energy industries, bringing more sustainable methods of extraction to the fore.


Lightspark, with its SaaS platform, is helping cities, utilities, and banks meet and measure their carbon targets. In the Energy, Renewable Energy, SaaS, and Software sectors, Lightspark has a key role in streamlining carbon footprint metrics and action plans.

OPEN Technologies

Founded by Donovan Woollard and Eesmyal Santos-Brault, OPEN Technologies creates data tools to aid city-shapers in making pro-climate decisions with utmost confidence. They bridge the gap in Energy Efficiency, GovTech, Green Building, IT, Open Source, SaaS, and Software sectors, making for a more sustainable future on the urbanization front.

Green Impact Partners

A clean technology and transition energy company, Green Impact Partners is fine-tuning the process of seamless transition towards renewable energy resources and shedding new light on the vastly expansive energy sector.

Lambda Science

With a major focus on AI, Lambda Science is helping home builders construct energy-efficient homes within the same budget, and in compliance with new regulations. Their contribution to the Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Construction, Energy Efficiency, and Software industry is propelling the conversation of sustainably built spaces to the forefront.


Founded by Mark Huvenaars, Atrasim offers advanced corrosion planning, mitigation, and prediction software. Their interventions in the Clean Energy, Energy, and Software sectors are reinforcing the importance of preventive care in maintaining energy infrastructures.

In the era of climate emergencies and the urgent necessity for renewable energy sources, these Vancouver-based energy start-ups are driving the transition to responsible energy usage and production. These innovative firms are undoubtedly rewriting the energy script for a better, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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