Who Are Vancouver’s Most Influential Finance Startups Changing the Game?

In the heart of British Columbia, Vancouver has emerged as a significant player in Canada’s burgeoning start-up scene. Particularly, Vancouver has shown considerable strength in the finance sector, with a number of promising and innovative finance startups. Each startup offers unique and creative solutions to various issues and inefficiencies within the financial industry from insurance claims to the blockchain. Here is a look at 15 of Vancouver’s most interesting finance start-ups.


Based in Vancouver, WonderFi is a financial technology startup aimed at democratizing finance through decentralized finance (DeFi). Founded by Ben Samaroo, Cong Ly, and Dean Sutton, WonderFi works in the intersection of several industries, including Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Finance, Information Technology, and Software. The company is reshaping the financial services landscape by providing individuals with better access to financial services through DeFi.


Owl.co is an innovative start-up that offers a monitoring platform for insurance claims. Using data analysis, Owl.co is able to detect non-eligible claims through evidence and facts with an audit trail. Co-founded by Sean Merat, Sohrab Merat, and Vahid Mirjalili, Owl.co operates within several sectors, including Banking, Big Data, Finance, Financial Services, Fraud Detection, InsurTech, and Software.


Payday, co-founded by Favour Ori, is a fintech platform providing global payment solutions. It offers services such as virtual mastercards and the ability to pay foreign employees. Payday’s main industries include Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, and Payments.

iComply Investor Services Inc.

Focused on reducing regulatory friction in financial markets is iComply Investor Services. Founders, Matthew Unger and Qayyum Rajan, offer an award-winning software solution that can streamline a multitude of processes within the industry.

MeetAmi Innovations

Working to help wealth management firms navigate the world of Digital Assets is MeetAmi Innovations, a fintech firm based in Vancouver.

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital

SPIRIT Blockchain Capital is a finance firm that targets investment in Blockchain and Digital Assets. They are based in Vancouver and co-founded by Erich Perroulaz.


One of the more philanthropic finance startups on the list, Davos, is an online fundraising platform for charities.


SFU LYFE is a unique personal and professional development platform founded by Jayson Hurstinen and Tilyna Pawer. They provide resources for individuals to grow, connect, and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Although not strictly a finance startup, they operate within the Personal Finance industry, amongst others.


Othersphere was founded by Robert Murphy to find profitable and sustainable locations for deploying zero or low greenhouse gas industrial technologies.


Providing an AI-driven investment analysis solution is Trailo, founded by Srikanth K Hari.

Global Corporate Finance Society

Global Corporate Finance Society is a non-profit organisation based in Vancouver, dedicated to educating and advocating for corporate finance professionals around the world.

Baron Group

Baron Group offers advisory and management services for companies who want to scale to their full potential.


Ledgerna builds platforms and products for financial markets. Founded by Salman Alam, the startup operates within the Banking, Crowdfunding, Finance, FinTech, and the Insurance industries.

Canada Finances

The Vancouver-based lending platform, Canada Finances, provides a range of consumer-focused financial services.


Bloxsar, a finance company founded by Chris Greyling, acts as a venture capital investor for blockchain businesses and start-ups.

In summary, the landscape for Vancouver’s finance startups is broad and exciting, offering a variety of innovative solutions to existing finance challenges and creating new opportunities in the process. These companies are leading the charge, paving the way for further innovation and growth in the finance sector in Canada.

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