Which Vancouver-Based Web Development Startups Are Shaping Canada’s Tech Future?

Deep in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a bustling scene of web development startups are creating software solutions for numerous industries. These startups are pushing the boundaries of the digital landscape, offering unique services to businesses far and wide. From custom software development to brand marketing, these companies span a wide and varied spectrum in the tech industry. Here are fifteen of the most innovative and interesting web development startups that you need to follow.


Technorely, co-founded by Dmitriy Malets and George Burlakov, is making waves in both Blockchain and Web Development. As your reliable IT partner, their focus areas include FinTech, Health Care, Industrial, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors. Check them out here.

UCW Labs Ltd.

UCW Labs Ltd. specializes in services within the IoT prototyping, custom software development, and others. This start-up has gone all-in on Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and much more. Visit their website.

The Branded Agency

The Branded Agency offers holistic services for businesses, including website design, branding, and marketing services. Their specializations include Advertising, Brand Marketing, and SEO. Learn more about The Branded Agency here.

The Little Dev Shop

The Little Dev Shop is a software development company providing consulting, development, and hosting services. Get to know them more at their website.


Lemur is a versatile company offering web development, UX design, UI design, and product design services. You can learn more about their services here.

Tribes & Co

Tribes & Co, founded by Henrik Lohk and Ingemar Johnsson, assists digital transformation agencies scale exponentially. They deal in Apps, Consulting, Information Services, and more. Visit their website

Meo Forest

Co-founded by Andy Pham, Meo Forest is a digital marketing company offering web development, hosting, graphic design, content, and social media services. Learn more about Meo Forest here.

Webocity Technologies

Webocity Technologies is a vertically integrated agency offering website design and development, infusing passion with their craft of marketing. Visit their website.


With co-founders Mike Qureshi and Sean Mehrabi, ThinkingLab delivers web and app development, cloud consulting, and growth hacking services. Discover more about ThinkingLab here.

Picnic Social

With the brainchild of Erica Timmerman, Picnic Social offers multi-faceted services including brand marketing strategies, SEO, web development, and more. Learn more about Picnic Social here.

inFever Media

inFever Media, the influences marketing & talent agency, supports marketing, creative web creation & development in full-service influences. Check them out here.

Community Coders

Community Coders, a web development agency, provides web hosting, maintenance, development & design services for businesses. Learn more at their website.

Norm Thmas

Norm Thmas offers expertise as a Full Stack Developer, SEO Expert, Webflow Expert, and Digital Marketing Expert. Explore his portfolio here.


SitkaDigital works in the fields of digital marketing, web development, SEO, and social media marketing. Take a look at their official website.

Reach Social Growth

Reach Social Growth is known for its automation services that help keep online audiences engaged within a brand’s community. Explore them further here.

In conclusion, these startups are not only contributing to the growth of the tech sector in Vancouver but are also influencing the global community with their innovative solutions and services. They deserve our support and recognition as they pave the path towards a more digitally progressive society.

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