What Are Calgary’s Top Influential Real Estate Startups in 2023?

Calgary, Alberta – famous for its rich oil reserves and captivating fox rinses – is also becoming a thriving hub for tech startups. A significant number of these early-stage companies are disrupting the real estate sector, introducing innovative solutions, and creating useful new technologies. In this article, we will introduce fifteen of these tech startups that are leading the frontier in the local real estate industry.

These startups, based in Calgary, are leveraging various technologies, including AI, SaaS, and Cloud Computing, to bring transformative changes to the real estate landscape. They’re also creating value in numerous sub-sectors such as investment management, residential renting, commercial renting, and interior construction.

Let’s take a closer look at these exciting startups and gain insights into their businesses:


Falkbuilt is a construction company that brings digitization to interior construction with the help of the latest technologies. Founded by Mogens Smed, the company operates in the construction, interior design, real estate, and software industries.


Ownly bases its operations in big data and analytics. The company is particularly specialized in customer experience, sales, and lead generation, driving value in the analytics, real estate, software, and other industries.


Caret is bringing change in property management with its end-to-end communication, booking, and work order solutions. This app-based Proptech company is making waves in the commercial real estate and SaaS industry.


1M, founded by Angus Gastle, Ken Bautista, and Tim Hengel, is working to accelerate development and investment in downtowns, one million square feet at a time. It plays a significant role in the real estate and retailer technology industry.


Bōde has developed a digital real estate platform, aiming to make the process of buying and selling homes smarter. Co-founded by Alan Kelly, Jeff Jackson, and Jordan Allred, Bōde serves the digital marketing, marketplace, and real estate industries.

AI Shading

AI Shading focuses on the development of AI & IOT enabled technologies that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint from homes and buildings. Cofounder Zack Zhang has steered it into various sectors, including AI, Clean tech, Real Estate, Smart cities, and more.


Syzl offers certified kitchens on demand anywhere, bringing a new flavor to the apps, commercial real estate, and food and beverage industries. Founded by Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin, Syzl is also part of the growing sharing economy.

Northview Fund

Northview Fund operates as a real estate investment company, creating investment opportunities in the commercial and residential real estate sectors.

National Realty

National Realty is a commercial real estate brokerage, serving the commercial real estate and real estate industries with its bespoke services.


IOFI is an investment management firm with a focus on real estate, insurance policy plans, and funding services. It extensively operates within the funding platform, insurance, and real estate investment industries.

Yaldi Renting

Yaldi Renting operates a residential rental platform that aids renters and landlords secure their financial future. It has made significant progress in the real estate and rental property industries.


OpenHouse.ai provides data-driven solutions to empower decision-making in the homebuilding industry. It plays a key role in the analytics, AI, real estate, and software industries.

StoneMere Real Estate Solutions

StoneMere Real Estate Solutions offers residential property management services and is making valuable contributions to the commercial real estate, property management, and real estate industries.

Bode Canada

Bode Canada is an online platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling homes, operating mainly within the online portals and real estate sectors.

Practice Exchange

Lastly, Practice Exchange, founded by Gagan Singh, is a platform providing support to new owners and listers of dental practices. It operates within the realms of commercial real estate, dental, and online portals.

In conclusion, Calgary continues to exhibit a vibrant startup ecosystem. These fifteen startups are just the tip of the iceberg, showing the exciting developments within the real estate tech sector in Calgary, Alberta.

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