Who are St. John’s Key Drivers in the 2023 Software Startup Scene?

St. John’s, Newfoundland is a hidden gem in the Canadian startup scene, fostering an array of innovative software startups across various industries. From AI-powered healthcare platforms to comprehensive payroll solutions, the startups in these frosty easternmost provinces are proof that the entrepreneurial spirit thrives even in the most unexpected places.

With growth of the software startup sector increasing at an explosive rate, there seems to be a trend toward companies that focus on creating unique software solutions. Whether that means streamlined pos systems, extensive maintenance tracking software, or bolstering tech support through innovative methods, the opportunities in St. John’s are immense and continue to flourish.

Gain a deeper understanding of the versatility and entrepreneurial spirit of the Newfoundland startup scene, with a focus on St. John’s, through each of these startups, their interesting innovations, and the relentless entrepreneurs behind them.


SiftMed, developed by its team of founders, is a platform utilizing artificial intelligence to review and analyze unstructured medical data with utmost efficiency. The company is positioned in the intersection of AI technology, analytics, and the software industry.

Oliver POS

Entering the realm of e-commerce, information technology, and software industries is Oliver POS. Founded by Mathias K. Nielsen, the software simplifies the point of sale process for businesses, enabling them to operate more efficiently.


Specializing in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, InspectAR is the innovation of Darryl Day, Liam Cadigan, and Matthew Noseworthy. The startup focuses on electronics and software, bringing tech expertise to practical applications.


TotaliQ, the brainchild of Andrew Sinclair, is a platform that enables companies to tap into and share the expertise of their staff members. The company thrives in both computer and software industries.


Founded by Sid Eskandari, HYKE stands tall in the analytics, customer service, IT, internet, and software industries as the leader in consumer-centric data analytics. The company is celebrated for leading the way in transparency within the IT world.

Averro Robotics and Technology

Founded by Jesse McCaw, Averro Robotics and Technology is a dynamic startup developing robotic solutions for various industries. The company stands at the crossroad of CRM, hardware, IT, robotics, and software.


From aerospace, apps, IT, and software industries comes NextCheck. The brainchild of founders Eoin Seviour and Marty Whelan, the cloud-based software is designed to track maintenance of aircrafts, embodying digital innovation.


With its focus on HR, recruiting, and software industries, Centoro is an HR cloud-based platform that streamlines employee management workflows from recruitment. The company brings a fresh and modern approach to human resources management.


MechMonkey, developed by Barath Sundar, it is dedicated to automotive vehicle maintenance and the service process. The software solution epitomizes tech innovation in the automotive and software industries.


Hailing from the Information Services and the Software industries, trophi.ai is an e-sports coaching company that leverages technology to offer innovative solutions.


TxtSquad, developed by Josh Taylor, is a software that uses text messages to streamline sales and service processes. Positioned in the analytics, enterprise software, sales automation, and software industries, the company offers unique business solutions.


Aquafort is a revolutionary startup founded by Ali Alfosool and Bo Simango. Its focus on Aquaculture, AI, CleanTech, Healthcare, Machine Learning, and Software offers efficient ways to manage fish health and welfare.

Creatros Technologies Inc

Creatros Technologies Inc was founded by Arifusalam Shaikh, Ashley Sullivan and Monjur Ul Hasan. It focuses on customer service, IT, intelligent systems, project management, software, and technical support to develop the world’s first internal support plugin for technology companies.

North Star Payroll

With a focus on enterprise software, financial services, and software, North Star Payroll provides a software solution that simplifies payroll processing for companies.

Orogen Tech

Founded by Ali Fakhoury and Cole Inkpen, Orogen Tech is a company that specializes in data mining, storage, and analytics services. It’s another example of a Newfoundland startup that emphasizes the importance of software in the analytics and data mining industries.

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