Who Are Alberta’s Most Influential Consumer Goods Startups in 2023?

With the rise of entrepreneurial spirit in Alberta, there’s a wave of exciting startups emerging, particularly in the consumer goods sector. From improving daily routines to pioneering innovative technologies, these startups are bringing diverse and intriguing solutions to the market. In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 of the most interesting Consumer Goods startups in Alberta and explore how they are creating an impact within their industries and beyond.

From a peer-to-peer shipping marketplace to a company manufacturing eco-friendly female hygiene products, the variety of startups within this sector showcases the impressive creativity and talent of Alberta’s entrepreneurs. These innovative businesses are indicative of the changing consumer landscape and the drive for sustainable, convenient and pioneer solutions.

Whether they’re producing compostable cutlery or combining artificial intelligence with green building technologies, these startups are setting the pace for consumer goods’ future. Let’s discover more about these venture-worthy establishments.

Fly and Fetch

Fly and Fetch is revolutionizing the shipping industry with their online peer-to-peer shipping marketplace. Working within the realms of Consumer Goods, E-commerce, Logistics, and Transportation sectors, this startup is broadening the horizons of shipment procedures.


Established by Pratik Patel, Mundii offers a wide range of farm-fresh foods with the convenience of on-demand delivery services. Their operations span Consumer Goods, Delivery, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, and Wholesale sectors.


Founded by Braeden Pauls, FÜM is dedicated to creating positive habits and empowering individuals to quit naturally. Operating within the Beauty, Consumer Goods, Fitness, and Wellness industry, they’re adding a unique flavour to the wellness market.

Hempact Inc.

Hempact Inc. is founded by Nicole Sanchez and is committed to reducing agricultural waste, promoting sustainability, and educating others about women’s hygiene through eco-friendly products.

AI Shading

Under the guidance of Zack Zhang, AI Shading specializes in AI & IOT enabled technologies to lower the environmental footprint from homes and buildings – bridging Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech and Real Estate.

Click&Push Accessibility

Established by Nathanial Maeda, Click&Push is a wearable device company that lets users engage with their community without the fear of challenging terrain. They’re a promising name in the realm of Consumer Goods and Telecommunications.

Change Toothpaste

Co-founded by Damien Vince and Mike Medicoff, Change Toothpaste is a leading manufacturer of toothpaste tablets. With their unique product, they’re making a notable mark on the CleanTech, Consumer Goods and Retail sector.

Bundle of Joy Box

Natasha Longridge’s Bundle of Joy Box delivers a wide variety of pregnancy and postpartum items through subscription options, catering to Consumer Goods, Retail and Shopping enthusiasts.

Plant Plus

Plant Plus produces compostable, eco-friendly, and customizable reusable food and beverage straws, spoons, and utensils, catering to the growing demand in the Consumer Goods and Packaging Services sector.

Twigz Pretzels

Twigz Pretzels is a snack food manufacturer specializing in flavored pretzels. They uniquely blend the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing and Snack Food sectors.

Bumble Chain

A trailblazer in Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Fraud Detection, and Supply Chain Management, Bumble Chain provides a supply chain management tool for fraud prevention in the honey industry.

Ram Canyon

Evan Wildman’s Ram Canyon offers innovative, durable soft goods built for the next generation of adventurers, marking their territory in the Consumer Goods and Sporting Goods sector.


LenderFriender allows users to lend and borrow things from neighbors, friends, and social groups. They are a noteworthy name in Consumer Applications, Consumer Goods, and Information Technology.

XenoMorphix Industrial Design

XenoMorphix Industrial Design is a distinguished player in manufacturing and marketing a novel bicycle seat design, blending the areas of Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Beneficial Buds Cannabis Dispensaries

Beneficial Buds Cannabis Dispensaries is a budding cannabis dispensary chain start-up. Operating in the burgeoning industry of Cannabis, Consumer Goods and Retail, their proposed chain shows promise in the market.

In conclusion, the diversity and impact of the consumer goods sector in Alberta are evident through these startups. Each one showcases an entrepreneurial spirit that sets out to redefine the industry. Together, they offer a marker of the ingenuity and determination of the Alberta startup ecosystem and its capability to disrupt their industries.

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