Who are Alberta’s Most Influential Cryptocurrency Startups Shaping 2023?

In recent years, the Canadian province of Alberta has emerged as a hotbed for tech startups, particularly in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This piece explores 15 dynamic startups from Alberta, each of which is contributing to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape in unique and exciting ways.

These startups share a common focus on cryptocurrency but apply it to a broad array of sectors, from financial services to car dealerships, peer-to-peer crime report platforms, and even merchant services for teens. What’s more, the region’s burgeoning blockchain sub-industry is pioneering multiple breakthroughs, from trading platforms to decentralized applications, demonstrating blockchain’s transformative potential for digital security, transparency, and efficiency.

So, without any further ado, let’s focus on these emerging cryptocurrency leaders rising from Alberta, Canada.


NDAX is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to provide both individual investors and institutions with a safe, reliable platform for trading digital assets. NDAX is the brainchild of Bilal Hammoud and Hussein Hammoud.


HeyAuto uses blockchain technology to facilitate modern-day car buyers and sellers at dealerships. Founded by Brent Lane and Brett Jones, this startup combines aspects of blockchain, cryptocurrency, big data and SaaS to deliver its services.


Launched by Jae Ho Lee, Catalyx is a trading platform that uses blockchain to facilitate the trade of digital assets and virtual currencies.

Rome Blockchain Labs

Rome Blockchain Labs is a Decentralized Technology Laboratory maintaining a major role in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sector in Alberta.

Modern Mining

Modern Mining is a Bitcoin mining company that boasts of advanced technology, lean operations and strategic partnerships for noteworthy returns.

Core Starters

Core Starters services startups and investors through blockchain-based decentralized services to address real-world problems.

Kilobytez Inc

Kilobytez Inc is a versatile firm that works in the areas of investment, forex, hedge fund, fintech, financial services, and financial technology. Devon Edwards founded this startup.

Intelli Network

Intelli Network, founded by Kamea Aloha Lafontaine, is a peer-to-peer crime reporting platform that leverages blockchain technology’s security and transparency advantages.


PayTrie is a payment processor designed specifically for decentralized applications. It was founded by Kevin Zhang and XX XX.


Ghostlab enhances the functionality and accessibility of modern financial technology and services via the design and development of cutting-edge software.


INR(D) Coin is a stablecoin type of cryptocurrency, a digital currency whose value is pegged to a stable asset.


Without a website, WestBlock is making strides as an integrated digital asset company with a substantial cryptocurrency mining operation based in the United States. Ken MacLean is the brain behind this startup.

cPay Today

cPay Today is a multi cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and payment system all in one. Founded by Adam Domoney, cPay Today is enticing to both casual users and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Bitvo Exchange

Bitvo Exchange is striving to be Canada’s top cryptocurrency exchange, backed by their vigorous Bitvo Same Day Guarantee.


Finally, MyTeenCoin is a unique niche-focused cryptocurrency provider that offers merchant services to teenagers who are interested in cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, these startups have seized on Alberta’s receptive regulatory environment, supportive government policies, and investment-friendly climate, each in their unique way contributing to the rising tide of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation in the province and beyond. These are exciting times for the cryptocurrency sector in Alberta, and these 15 startups are undoubtedly at its forefront.

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