Which Alberta Life Science Startups Are Revolutionizing Canadian Healthcare?

In the business world, startups are often seen as the nexus of innovation and potential, especially in Alberta’s burgeoning life sciences sector. The province is home to a host of pioneering young companies that are using their unique concepts and technologies to make a tangible impact in fields such as healthcare, agriculture and biotechnology. It’s an exciting space with enormous growth potential, driven by passionate founders who are determined to leave their mark. In this article, we’ll be exploring 15 of these promising startups, delving into what they do, who’s leading them, and the industries they’re set to disrupt.

Future Fields

Future Fields is changing the game in sustainable agriculture, using insect biotechnology to produce Earth’s most sustainable recombinant proteins. Founded by Jalene Anderson-Baron, Lejjy Gafour, and Matthew Anderson-Baron, Future Fields operates in the Agriculture, AgTech, Biotechnology, CleanTech, and Life Science industries.

Qualisure Diagnostics

At the crossroads of biotechnology and health diagnostics, Qualisure Diagnostics develops tests that help doctors understand each patient’s unique cancer properties, leading to better disease management. The startup was established by Brandon Friedt, Cynthia Stretch, and Farshad Farshidfar.

SeeO2 Energy

SeeO2 Energy is converting carbon dioxide into clean, marketable fuels and chemicals—a groundbreaking alternative to traditional energy sources. Founders Beatriz Molero Sanchez and Paul Addo are at the helm of this Chemical, Energy, and Life Science company.


Offering tear profiling technology for clinical studies and trials, Ofbrains is revolutionizing health diagnostics. Established by Alireza Bahramian, Amir Sanatinezhad, and Hossein Hejazi, this company operates in the Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Life Science, and Medical Device industries.

Flokk Systems

Flokk Systems specializes in beef herd management and traceability reporting. Founded by Mark Olson, the company is making significant strides in the Agriculture, Farming, Life Science, and Software sectors.

Creative Protein Solutions

A startup led by Jeroen De Buck, Creative Protein Solutions is revolutionizing animal healthcare with real-time, portable diagnostic technology designed to quickly diagnose farm animal diseases.

Andau Medical

Helmed by Sandi Wright, Andau Medical supplies the market with quality, regulatory, medical, and dental products, serving the Health Care, Life Science, Manufacturing, and Medical Device industries.


AgGene, founded by Logan Skori and Marcus Samuel, specializes in developing plant traits to address challenges in crop production, a knack that has been well-recognized in the Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, and Life Science sectors.

My Normative

My Normative is the only consumer health tracking software that integrates and contextualizes female-specific metrics. Co-founded by Danika Kelly and Renee Kokts-Porietis, the company is a leader in the Beauty, Health Care, Life Science, Medical Device, Software, and Wellness industries.

Outbreaker Solutions

Co-founded by Matt Hodgson, Outbreaker Solutions is a biotechnology firm developing a fast-acting antimicrobial surface, with strong potential applications in the Biotechnology, Life Science, and Wellness sectors.

Health City

Health City is a nonprofit manager that thrives on catalyzing and accelerating healthcare innovations, providing promising opportunities for the Health Care and Life Science sectors.

Lab Chip Technologies

Lab Chip Technologies designs and creates devices for cellular and molecular analysis intended for medical diagnostic testing. This startup works in the Biotechnology, Health Care, Life Science, and Medical Device sectors.

Statcure Consulting Services

Statcure Consulting Services is a full-service contract research organization, offering a diverse range of clinical research services to research institutes and researchers in the Biotechnology, Database, Health Care, and Life Science sectors.

Allos Bioscience

Allos Bioscience utilizes molecular dynamics simulations to design and create unique protein-based biosensors. This startup operates in the Biotechnology, Chemical, Life Science, and Medical industries.


Illucidx, founded by Cody Doolan, creates ultra-sensitive disease diagnostic tools designed for deployment in low and middle-income countries, making significant contributions to Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Life Science, and Medical Device industries.

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